It's important to find good quality futon chain covers that won't get easily damage, and provide yourself and others with good comfort when relaxing. You want a quality chair cover that will keep you comfortable while sitting in your home and relaxing from a hard day's of work. When shopping online you'll be sure to find a large variety of good futon slipcovers made from the most popular and comfortable fabrics. There are some nice fabric designs to choose from, to help compliment the look of your home. Most online futon chair cover stores will sell products lower than retail prices.

Futons chairs are small, and make for good comfortable chairs to use in your wreck room, basement, or they can be used in your living room. They are great for college students, or bachelors living on their own who are looking for cheap, small, but comfortable furniture sofas. Futon covers can convert from sofa's into sleep mattresses. Quality futon covers are thick, comfortable, and washable fabrics that are waterproof. Most futon cover brands use a polyester, or cotton, or a combination of each fabrics for chair cover materials. Fabrics can be napped and brushed to feel and look like authentic suede. Suede futon chair covers are softer and more comfortable covers.

Common futon chair cover materials

  • Suede
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Felt
  • Velvet
  • Chenile
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Olefin

Where to buy futon chair covers for cheap prices

Suede futon chair covers - Suede leather is one of more popular fabrics. A lot of fabrics can be used to resemble suede by using a napped finish. Even high quality fabrics can resemble suede and can make for a very smooth and comfortable futon slip cover. Suede leather futon chair covers are a little more expensive. Suede is much softer than full grain leather. Suede is as much for show as it is for comfort. Suede has a stylish appearance. SIS, Sure Fit, and Easy Fit make a lot of suede futon chair covers that you can purchase online for reasonable prices. You'll find numerous of different suede covers in a variety of didn't popular colors. Sears, Kmart, amazon, CSN futons, Linens 'n thing are some of the more popular places to shop for suede futon chair covers. You can also find a quality Urban Suede Tan Chain futon made by Elite screens for a cheap price online. It has the look and feel of authentic suede leather. You can find Urban Suede Tan chain futons online at walmart, everything furniture, and ballacor.

Polyester and cotton futon chair covers - The combination of polyester and cotton fabrics are the most commonly used materials for futon chair covers. They're soft, smooth, and can keep you warm and comfortable during those cold winter nights. You can find polyester and cotton futon chair covers on numerous of sites, featuring quite a few different brands, colors, and designs. Popular sites to search for polyester and cotton futon slipcovers include CSN futons,, ebay and amazon. Product brands to look for are SIS, prestige furnishings, easy fit, and Elite screens. CSN futons is a great online store to shop for futon slip covers from numerous different brands made with polyester and cotton fabric futon chair covers. CSN futons has a wide variety of product brands going for sale.

SIS chair covers - SIS is one of the more popular futon chair cover brands out of the market. SIS has 300 different fabric combination's to choose from. The popular burgundy chair covers go for cheap prices, and features 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Features a 3-sided nylon zipper. You can find SIS burgundy chair covers at ivgStores, Kmart, and CSN futos. Some other popular SIS futon chair covers out on the market include beatkin, green tea, modern spa sand, autumn, addison, balsam lake, blue terrace, buckshot, and wildcat. That's just some of the many different fabric style covers from SIS products. You can go to for more details on different futon chair covers. They can customize chair cover sizes to your preference. Other places online to shop for SIS futon covers are kmart, sears, and CSN futons.

Elite screens chair covers - Standard sized 28" x 54" elite screens futon chair covers are found for reasonable prices online. The Elite Junior Twin Solid Poly Cotton Chair Cover is very soft, made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They're relatively cheap futon chair covers that will keep you under $50. Available in 8 designer colors that include black, hunter green, navy, natural, royal blue, red, and sand. If you want to choose the option of your color, then buy these futon chair covers at Kmart. The Twin solid Poly Cotton Chair Cover is also available at everything furniture and target in the color natural.

Easy Fit futon chair covers - Easy fit has plenty of high quality futon chair covers to buy online for good prices. Easy fit has some interesting cover designs. A lot of easy fit products feature suede futon covers, made with polyester and cotton fabrics. Some popular easy fit futon products colors and designs include beige, navy, chocolate, black, tan, pumpkin orange, burgundy, basket gray, desert palm, new world, navajo 5, and comes with numerous of other popular designs and fabric styles. Your common color fabric designs will be cheaper, and will cost as little as $35 dollars at CSN futons. Suede covers and more detailed designs like new world, or desert palm covers might cost a little more. They're relatively cheap, but comfortable and quality fabric design futon chair covers to purchase. CSN futons is a great place to shop online, but you can also shop at overstock, Linens 'n things, and bellacor.