Welcome to the latest advancements in weaponry the world has to offer. Here you will learn about three of the newest weapons that are likely to start being used by military personnel.

1. The CornerShot Gun - Judging by it's name, I'm sure you can guess what's so special about it. Yep, it can shoot around corners. What's cool about it is that it has a small LCD screen which shows you what is around the corner without actually having to look. What you might not expect about this weapon is that it is not a fully automatic weapon. If you look closely, you can see a pistol mounted near the front of the gun, which is what is used to shoot. Add-on accessories can include a silencer, laser sight, scope, extended clip, etc. While there is no set price on this new military toy, it has been issued to several governments for special use.

2. The MP7A1 - A notch higher than its predecessor (the MP5), this gun is now fully capable of tearing through full body armor, something that it could not do before. What makes this gun special is that it is ideal for close combat, and offers great manueverability, not like a typical military grade assault rifle, such as the M16, which contains a 12" + barrel that sticks out.

3. The Wasp Knife - Originally designed to protect divers from sharks and other aggressive sea animals, this knife packs more than just a bunch; try a mini explosion. That's right, this newly designed knife contains a small cartridge of CO2 in the handle, which upon striking something, is triggered to explode. Such an explosion is lethal enough to kill an animal as big as a bear because it basically tears up the victims insides.

Here is the Wasp knife in action:

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