Fuzzoodles are a fun new way to have creative fun for children ages 3 and up. They have been advertised on the television and have become a popular toy for this year. The fuzzoodles are brightly colored flexible fuzzy things similar to large pipe cleaners. This is the main part of the toy. You bend and stretch them to create the body shape of the critter that you are designing.

The accessories are similar to the face, hand, and foot pieces of a Mr. Potatohead. Once you create the body shape that you like you can then decorate the body with the accessories to give them some personality.

The final piece that comes with the kit is an idea booklet. The idea booklet is a good way to start learning. It will give instructions for various creatures that can be made with the fuzzoodles and accessories. Once you start creating the instruction booklet becomes less important because your imagination will take over.

This toy is considered to be a construction toy like Legos and K'nex. The difference is that instead of constructing buildings and such you are making new friends. There are numerous kits available that have different colored fuzzoodles and different accessories. I'd suggest starting with a large kit and getting the others for the extra bits. They also have a few kits to make an individual critter. These small kits aren't the most versatile but again you get new bits to add to your collection.

These construction toys help children to stretch their imagination and create worlds of their own imagining. There are no real rules to follow and this gives kids the freedom to express their own artistic talents. As children become more and more used to video games with linear play they start needing to follow instructions. These creative toys help to mitigate that lack of imagination which is becoming more common with children today.

Fuzzoodles is a great toy for both boys and girls and is one that should be offered along with other creative toys.