As people have become more aware of the amazing properties and benefits of GABA, it has become readily available and is on the market today in various supplement forms.

GABA tea has the highest concentration of natural GABA in food products and is seen as the best natural treatment available for high blood pressure. This healthy tea is very effective in reducing high blood pressure. The combination of the powerful antioxidents and the concentrated GABA in this tea is very effective in causing the arterial and venous muscles to relax and improve the bold flow. Regularly drinking natural GABA tea (either tea bags or loose leaf tea) ensures relaxed muscles and more blood flow thus reducing blood pressure.

Statistics say that over 50 million Americans have high blood pressure levels. Prolonged high blood pressures can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and many other major complications. GABA in its natural supplement form of organic tea is one of the most simple, readily available, yet miraculous treatments for high blood pressure.

GABA rice or GBR (germinated brown rice) is brown rice that is nutritionally enhanced, naturally, by germination. By germinating the brown rice prior to cooking, the GABA content has been proven to significantly increased. To make GABA rice, you must first obtain good quality brown rice, as white rice cannot germinate because the hull has been removed during production. Rinse the brown rice and then soak it in for a up to 2 hours in warm water before cooking. The GABA amount in the rice increases as the rice continues to germinate. GBR rice cooks quicker and needs less water added than other forms of rice, as it still contains the naturally absorbed water from the germination process.

If the brown rice is germinated in oolong or green tea instead of water, the GABA content increases to three times that of water soaked rice.

GABA Supplements in Commercial Products
Aside from natural GABA tea and rice, there are many other products and drinks available on the market now that are fortified with GABA including GABA instant coffee, GABA enriched chocolate drinks, sports drinks, GABA sodas etc. The Japanese have many GABA "healing foods" including GABA coke, chocolate, breads, noodles and much more.

GABA Pharmaceutical Supplements
Many of GABA pharmaceutical supplements are prescribed as being helpful for active individuals, bodybuilders and athletes, helping in enhancing the body's muscle mass, while at the same time aiding in fat reduction and weight loss. GABA supplements assist in influencing a quicker secretion of Human Growth Hormones, which if taken after exercise are effective in improving the body's health, physique, muscle tone and the person's sense of well being. GABA's affect on HGH levels is one of the main reasons why GABA supplements are being promoted so much today and are becoming increasingly popular.