All there is to Know about GAMSAT

How to pass the GAMSAT

There are many tests you may need to give in order to study in a foreign location or even a good university in your own country. GAMSAT, SAT, MACT and many other similar entry tests help selection committees get a better idea about what your IQ level is like and how proficient you are in a particular subject.

What is the GAMSAT?


This is acronym for Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test. Students who wish to go into various medical fields like veterinary science, medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, will need to give this test in order to be eligible for applying in British, Australian or Irish universities and institutes.

This is usually a requirement for those students who wish to get into Graduate Entry Programs. Another eligibility criterion for taking this test is that the student should hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute or any other education which is equal to a bachelor’s degree.

Eligibility for Medical Schools

Graduate entry programs in Britain, Ireland and Australia have special eligibility criteria which need to be followed in order to get admission. One of those criterions is to take the GAMSAT test and get at least a cut off score (percentile ranks).


In addition to that a student will also need to have any bachelor’s degree completed before they can apply to enter medicine. Even students who have non-science bachelors are allowed. The third and important thing is to have a good GPA (or Class of Honors). The GPA score varies from one medical school to another.

Usually the candidates who show their eligibility in all these respects will be allowed to take a formal interview and be evaluated by service professionals as well as professionals from other fields. Usually one half of two thirds of the students actually make it through this selection process.

GAMSAT Format and Information

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The test is to be taken in late March or early April if you are trying to take the test in Australia or Ireland but for Britain the test is held in September. The GAMSAT is not really a knowledge based test but actually a reasoning based test unlike UMAT.

The test is only held once a year and everyone needs to take it at that time in order to be ready for admissions in a timely fashion. Usually the subjects include Biology, physics, English, humanities and sciences, written communication and physical science. The last section is the most important of them all.

To register for the GAMSAT you can also use their official website and you can also get more information on when the test is taking place in the location of your choice. People who are applying for optometry should also take the GAMSAT.

 GAMSAT Summary


GAMSAT is the Graduate Australian Medical School Test which is a requirement for graduate students to get into the field of medicine in countries like Britain, Ireland and Australia. The test can be given only once a year so you have to be very careful about the dates.