English written course work

                                   A day in a life


Today was the day I entered this extraordinary, crazy and puzzling world. At first I felt incomplete, detached and separated as part of two different giant masses- one looked gold and one looked silver. Somehow, I eventually got snipped, shaped and moulded together into one whole piece. My first few minutes were astonishingly violent as I got slapped on my front and my back with some powerful weapon. I have no idea what I look like on my behind but I appear to have a face on the front - a frightful face of an old lady who looks really strict and she’s frowning with a circular looking shape on her head. Why can’t I choose my own face? What is more I feel completely overweight and ever so round resembling the shape of a barrel. As soon as the slapping, thudding and punching on my two sides were completed I had the gross indignity of being tossed purposely and indifferently onto some smooth surface which was constantly moving in one direction. Looking around I thought I was seeing double, seeing triple, seeing quadruple and then I ceased counting. Everyone of my neighbours had the same face of that ancient lady glaring at me! I felt like crying! I couldn’t as I had no tear ducts. The shame of being born looking like thousands of others!


I was then wrapped in some brown looking sheets which were very squashy and dark. I could tell I was not in there alone and felt that I was moving but could not see anything yet. It felt as if I was sweating in that tight piece of sheet with others looking identical to me but I don’t have any sweat glands. The movement was very bumpy, therefore, painful. I just couldn’t wait until I could get out of this tight brown restrictive wrapping as it was very frustrating, scary and dusky. As it was I couldn’t even see clearly the rear of my clone on top of me. Was this to be my home, this place of imprisonment?


Suddenly a series of painful spasms shot right through me and I was chucked into this funny looking machine with buttons on it and with hundreds of other identical shaped objects. Inside this machine there were many other fascinating pieces of metal with different shapes and sizes. But the thing they had in common was the old woman with the round thing on her head. This made me think what are we used for? Why do we all have to exhibit the same countenance? After a couple of tedious hours the machine was opened and a big muscular hand grabbed me out of it with a couple of my neighbours. I was then passed on to another hand which was much  smaller and several ringed objects on its digits. Eventually I was put in a black coloured handbag nice and gently. In the bag there was plenty of room, not like I had experienced in that tight wrapping. However, darkness reigned again and I ended up in complete pitched darkness.


Not long afterwards I was extracted out of that comfortable bag and was given to a fat bulky hand who threw me into a similar type of machine with numbers on it. Inside the machine there was other pieces of metal lying on top of each other and in each section of the cartage there were identical pieces of metal. I was placed where everyone was identical to me. This time there were thin sheets of paper inside the machine as well in all  variety of  colours for example some were greenish blue, orange, purple and red with the same old woman with the round looking thing on her head, except this time it was a bigger version. This made me think again what am I? Why do I keep getting passed on? It felt as if this machine was getting opened and shut every thirty seconds like a vicious shark opening and shutting its mouth. Its repetitive whirring noises were enough to give me a headache. After a while I was picked out of the machine and was given to a bony hand with a little piece of paper which said receipt on it. “What does receipt mean?” I was thinking. The bony hand put me into a loose pocket which had an enormous hole in it.


Whilst I was in the pocket I could feel movements: I was jumping up and down so violently it made me feel nauseous. I could not help this constant jumping up and down. The movement was getting faster and faster. Suddenly I dropped into the giant hole and then slid down this cloth like substance onto a hard surface. It was very bright and sunny. The first time I had ever seen a place like this. There were a lot of moving machines in all different colours, for example black, silver, blue, red and many more. They were all moving very fast until they stopped for a red light to go green. It was just amazing looking at all these machines gliding around until I spotted a giant coming towards me. One of the giant’s feet nearly trampled on top of me. I don’t think it had spotted me. I carried on fearfully looking in front of me and it looked like there were thousands of these giants. It was a bit frightening, at first, but after a while I got used to seeing them. I was desperately glimpsing around to see if I could spot the old woman whose face was etched on me but these other women were all completely different: no one was like the old woman.


The sun light moved away from me and I could tell that the brightness of the day was going down. It was starting to get boring staying in the same spot for a long time and not being able to move around but I could not do any thing about it as I didn’t have any legs or arms. After a lot of time passed by I glared at two little boys pointing and staring at me and saying “Look there.” I realised that they were talking about me and sighted that they were coming menacingly towards me. One of them came and picked me up from the hard surfaced floor. Whilst I was resting in the little boy’s palm he was just staring at me like he had never seen a piece of metal like me but that would be impossible considering the amount of others that were identical to me that  I had seen in my little span of a life time. I could tell both of these thieving little boys were happy to find me by their exulting, beaming, facial expressions but could not figure out why. About five minutes later they were starting to argue about me. I realised this because the other boy who was not holding me  kept on saying, “Give it to me, I saw it first!” This made me feel like I was precious or something. But how could that be when there are probably millions identical to me?


Soon both of the boys were walking on a pebbly, coarse and uneven footpath near an elongated stretch of water. I gathered by listening to their argumentative conversation that it was called a “canal.” They still carried on arguing futilely about me but the boy who was holding me said he would not surrender me to his belligerent companion. The other boy was kind of aggressive, therefore, pushed the boy who was holding me and I dropped accidentally out of his hand on to this uncomfortable ground with a terrific bang and rolled sideways into this so-called canal. I could feel freezing water on me while I was slowly sinking and I felt I was drowning right to the bottom of this deep, disgusting, dirty canal with my front face facing downwards. While I was making my way right to the bottom of the canal I could see many other identical and  not so identical pieces of metal just like me lost and waiting to be rescued. I eventually came to a reluctant rest on top of one of these pieces of circular metal that were identical to me but  that one was facing backwards and I could see two small words on top of the piece of metal on the gold bit.


After I read this I realised I was a……..