GED online high school diploma

Get valuable information on the Internet and validate what you have learned through the years to potential employers. General Education Development test advice, how to obtain secondary schooling certification from legitimate sources, not a rip-off website.

Many people for one reason or another don't have their high school diploma. With today's growing need for high school graduation and beyond, the General Education Development test is quite necessary and the first step to securing your future. Education is the key and adult education and the GED is available in every state of the Union.

First, you need to visit the ACE (American Council on Education). There you will find all the information you need from study subjects, sample tests, and instructions for taking the test.

The tests may seem daunting at first, but, more than likely, you will find that they are a summation of what you have learned working day-to-day. How to use a calculator, cash register, etc.

The subjects covered are Language Arts, Writing, Part I and Part II, which is an essay, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Math. There are sample tests you can take online.

Tests are given in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

If you need special accommodations for disabilities, there are forms to request this.

The tests are not given online, but at the ACE site you will be able to find a testing center for the GED in your state. There are over 3400 GED testing centers. You must find your state's adult education department, department of education, or GED testing center. Find your individual state's testing center.

Truth about websites that offer the GED online, there are no legitimate ones.

"Some people may find out later that it is an alternative diploma or that it is a diploma mill. Do your research before spending any money, and use the resources below to find out more."

Get started on your future right now: ACE (American Council on Education)

resource: American Council on Education