GERD, also known as heartburn and acid reflux can cause discomfort. Stomach acid tends to backup into the esophagus. When acid reflux symptoms reoccur and become more intense, it gets labeled as GERD. A GERD diet is usually needed to control heart burn and acid reflux symptoms. Those who eat foods high in acids, struggle with obesity, have asthma, diabetes, are pregnant, have high blood cholesterol and those who smoke can be at risk of GERD.

Treating heartburn and acid reflux usually doesn't always required prescribed medications, or GERD treatment for your doctor. A change in how you eat can and using herbal remedies for treating heartburn and acid reflux can be just as effective. GERD symptoms are chest pain, burning sensation in your esophagus, and burning sensation in your chest. Acid reflux in some cases might result in vomiting. Anytime you have chest pain, that reoccurs, you definitely want to seek medical treatment. Sometimes over-the-counter medications can treat heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. Health conditions and substances that might contribute to GERD include asthma, pregnancy, diabetes, stomach conditions, and smoking.

Treating heartburn and acid reflux will require moderating the substances that trigger symptoms. If you suffer from chronic cases of GERD, your doctor will likely recommend a specific an strict diet for you to eat. Foods that are really sweet and sour will need to be cut out of your diet. Citric acids can cause heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. A diet that consists of too much sugar and sodium leads to unbalanced acid levels in your digestion.

Too much carbonated beverages like alcohol and soda can lead to GERD symptoms. You should drink chamomile tea, or green tea which can help reduce symptoms of GERD. Teas are easy on your digestion. Drinking 8 cold glasses of cold water daily can wash out acids in your stomach. Keeping yourself hydrated is important as well. So spices and other foods substances don't sit in your digestive system too long.

Eating foods high fiber can help get rid of heartburn and improve symptoms. Fiber goes in and out of your digestive system. It takes harmful toxins out with it. Foods like wheat, legumes, raspberries, strawberries, bran, oats, and rye should be added to your diet. You should also talk to your doctor about taking omega-3 fish oils. Fish oil can help relieve heartburn naturally. Eating more fish and lean meats in general will help reduce acid reflux.

Dissolving a teaspoon of baking soda into a cold glass of water can be helpful in treating heartburn. You don't want to use baking soda regularly. This should only be used as a temporary relieve for GERD symptoms. Drinking Aloe Vera juice can help in treating GERD. You should also lose weight, if you're overweight. Weight puts more pressure on your abdominal. Consult with your doctor if you're experiencing GERD symptoms.