General Electric has many available 30 inch freestanding electric ranges.  This is a review of the $469 MSRP range with super-large oven capacity, QuickSet III controls, and coil heating elements. 


At a competitive price for ranges, this GE model has the features to suit any chef.  This range includes a self-cleaning oven and its stove has  tight electric coils for faster heating.  It features a bake timer and digital clock.  The oven capacity is among the largest in its class, and the storage drawer provides ample space for your pots and pans.

PerformanceGE  30-Inch Freestanding Electric Range Review

The first thing I noticed with the GE Range was how fast the burners heat up and how evenly the heat is distributed.  This is made possible by tight coils on each burner.  As with most ranges, the GE Range has two large burners and two smaller ones to accommodate pots and pans of all sizes.  The stove top dials seem pretty standard but are intuitive to use.  With its simplicity, you should not accidentally turn on the wrong burner.

One nice design feature of this unit is the curve at the back of the stove top to allow for easy clean up.  Some stoves have a joint at the back of the cooking space that always attract grease and grime.

The oven itself has standard bake and broil features and seems to heat up very quickly.  The capacity of the oven is very large but at the expense of the storage drawer below.  The drawer itself is as deep as the range itself, so it does offer plenty of space for storage.  The digital controls are very simple and can likely be maneuvered without opening the instruction booklet.  This range does have a self-cleaning oven and is one of the least expensive ranges on the market with this feature.


You only need to install a new power chord with this range.  Make sure you purchase the correct power chord for your outlet as some residential outlets require three prongs and some four, depending on the age of your home.

The Verdict

Unless you need advanced features on your stove or want a ceramic stovetop, there is no reason to not install this GE electric range for your kitchen remodel or range replacement.  At a total price tag of $469 MSRP, this range is not the least expensive model out there, but it certainly offers a great amount of features for its price.  Given its simplicity, ease of use, and overall performance, the GE Range receives high marks from this owner.