Graduate School Entrance with GMAT


arious degree programs have varied eligibility requirements. For student who are trying to find out more about tests that can get you entry into the education system of a reputable institute, they will have to consider taking tests like GMAT, SAT, MCAT and GAMSAT.

What is the GMAT?

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GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admissions Test. Candidates who are trying to get into business management studies will have to take this test in order to prove that they have the potential to make it in the business industry.

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a computer adaptive standardized test which includes questions to evaluate the language proficiency and mathematical aptitude of a student who wishes to get admission in a standard business management course.

More Information on GMAT


The GMAT is a basic test that one needs to take in order to prove their eligibility as a person who is able to achieve academic success. Basically GMAT tests a student on their English language capabilities and their mathematical prowess which are two important requirements for business studies of any kind.

Graduate business programs make use of this test to define the aptitude of any given student. MBA (Master of Accountancy) is usually the degree that students apply for when they wish to go into business management.

GMAT is delivered to various locations all over the world (usually in countries that have English as the first language) through computers. GMAT can also be offered at a temporary testing center that is mainly computer based in the absence of extensive network of computers.

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GMAT can also be offered as a paper test in such locations and the fee is usually two fifty US dollars no matter where you take the test. The test is developed keeping in mind the needs of business management institutes and what skills they require in a prospective student.

The GMAT Test

In the GMAT a student is tested on various levels. Usually analytical writing skills, verbal skills and mathematical skills of a person are evaluated through the test. This is not something that a person can learn over the course of a few days but can only be a part of their life long struggle with education.

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The test can take around four hours to complete and the scores are valid for five years. An average score on the GMAT is around 540 while the highest score is 800. Beginning with the AWA or the Analytical Writing Assessment section, the test moves on to the Quantitative section, then ends at the section testing verbal abilities. Reasoning ability is a must for an individual in order to be able to take the test and get a good score.

GMAT Summary

The GMAT is a prerequisite test at most universities and institutes that offer business management higher studies for their students. This is why if someone is thinking of doing an MBA or any other kind of business study in a good university or institute, they should take the GMAT test in order to be eligible. The GMAT is applicable in most countries where English is the first language.