Info on GMTV competitions

ITV Daybreak, formerly GMTV, holds weekly quiz competitions for its viewers with chances to win prizes, including cash, electronics, holiday packages and cars, with new grand prizes each week. Viewers must tune in to the programming to hear the question, after which they must either call in with the answer, send a text, or answer online. Viewers are given three choices and must memorize the letter corresponding to their answer, as the answers are unavailable after broadcast.

Entry in GMTV competitions costs £1.00 if submitted by phone or SMS text message. Competition entry is subject to terms and conditions including entry deadlines and timely acceptance of schedule-sensitive offers such as vacation reservations.

GMTV offers smaller prizes as well, with a variety of free offers available on the website, including handbags, electronics and appliances. Competition entry is available online, with the answers visible on the website from which viewers can select.

GMTV Competition Prizes

Competitions include cash prizes of £25,000, cars, iPhones, iPads, Nintendo DS, wii, laptops, widescreen TVs, bicycles, e-Readers, vacation packages in resort destinations, and others. Several competitions offer multiple prizes, such as bundling a vacation package or a car with a cash prize of several thousand pounds.

Past winners appear on the website or on TV, and can describe their experience winning the competition and subsequent events involving life changes due to cash prize winnings, and so on.

Other sample prizes:

10 day Australian holiday including flights piloted by John Travolta

Beko fridge and other appliances

iPod Touch

Son 32" flatscreeen TV

Nikon Coolpix S3000 digital camera

Typical competition questions

GMTV competitions generally involve a simple quiz with three possible answers, though some questions may be more challenging for some viewers. Broadcasters list answer choices with corresponding letters, which the viewer must memorize when answering the competition question for competition entry later.

Example questions:

What was the currency of France before the euro?

Peseta, Frank, Dollar

An unexpected win is called a...

Windfall, Breezefall, Stormfall

Which of these was a Christmas number one hit for Sir Cliff Richard?

Mistletoe and Wine, Holly and Wine, Ivy and Wine

Scandals and fraud claims

GMTV competitions have been the subject of fraud charges due to alleged misconduct regarding their phone quizzes, with evidence released showing millions of viewers submitted contest entries and fees after competition had been closed and winners chosen. Reports show that over a four-year period from 2003 to 2007, GMTV viewers failed to count 25 million of the 62 million competition entries, during which the broadcaster made £50 million in profits.

A fine of £2 million was levied by Ofcom for the breach, leading to speculation of investigations by the Serious Fraud Office and Scotland Yard. A subsequent audit of ITV showed £7.8 million in fraudulent revenue from uncounted competition entries.

ITV chairman Michael Grade quickly responded by claiming no criminal activity had been confirmed at the company, and offered full cooperation to the authorities and refunds for 8 million eligible entries, most of which have been refunded.