Women's Ultra Mega Vitamin


Keeps energy level up all day

Comes in a convienient pack


Can be expensive

Each pack is over the daily recommended amount for vitamins

Full Review

I don't take multivitamins on a regular basis because I often forget. When I do remember, however, I take GNC's Women Ultra Mega Active Vita pack multivitamin. I take this particular brand because as a mother of two children, a full time college student and a volunteer at my husband's job, I am constantly on the go. I need a multivitamin that will help me retain enough energy for the entire day.

The Women Ultra Mega Active Vita pack contains 30 packets of vitamins which will last for 1 month. The can be a bit expensive at $43.00 a box. If you are a Gold Card member, however, you would be able to get them for a lot cheaper. Each packet contains two caplets of an Energy Enhancers, one caplet of calcium, one soft gel capsule of CLA and one caplet of L-Carnitine. The packet also contains two caplets of regular multivitamins without iron. After reviewing the tables for the various daily requirements, I realized that the multivitamins alone had way over the daily recommended doses. For example, the vitamin has 3333% of the daily requirement of Thiamin. The vitamin also has 2941% of B-2.

Taking a multivitamin is important if you know you don't eat a healthy diet. You could be missing many important vitamins that keep your body functioning properly. It can improve your overall bodily functioning and boosts both your physical and f="/Ment al Health">mental health and well-being. The downside to taking these multivitamins is that they raise my intake of certain vitamins to near toxic levels. For example, as I stated earlier, the multivitamins I take have over a thousand per cent of the different B vitamins your body needs. Some of the symptoms of toxicity are nausea, nerve damage, rashes and becoming flushed. The toxicity symptoms vary depending on what vitamin you're getting too much of.

There are other vitamin's the GNC sells that might better suit your needs if you are not as active as others. They have single vitamins as well as different types of vitamin packs. They have some for men, people over 50 and even children.

In Closing