If you have ever experienced losing your cat somewhere in your neighbourhood, then you may like the idea of a gps cat locator collar.

These are the latest in small technological gadgets that are useful, especially when it comes to tracking down our lost pets.

If you have a cat that is either indoors and has escaped or your outdoor cat has not come in yet at the end of the day and you are concerned, you simply make sure your cat or pet (these can be useGPS Cat Locator Collard for all pets, even car keys!) has the gps tag on their collar.

You will have the receiver at home or with you, and you can then track down your lost pet.  Many times cats will end up under neighbours porches, garages,  or scared up in trees, and are not likely to answer to your calls the same way a dog might.

As a cat owner myself, I know, that if my cat becomes frightened, she will run and hide and not answer to anyone.  So, it is up to me to try and find her.  With these gadgets now available and getting smaller all the time, you know longer have to spend hours looking for them.  The tags are light and weigh only 5 grams. 

The handset is credit card sized, making it extremely easy to use, and will bring you to within one inch of your pet!

Simply take it out with you while on your search.  You can also set it for "pre-determined" boundaries, such as the front door, for example.  So that if your cat gets out the front door you will be notified so that you can find them before too much time passes.

It will guide you, and show you which way to walk to start looking for your cat or lost pet.  Once you press the locate button, you can now search effectively in the right direction, without having to have the entire neighbourhood out looking for your cat, who is most likely in a tree or under a porch, or maybe checking out someone else's house!

The signal will go through walls, shrubs and more, so this can be a great addition toGPS Cat Locator Collar - Tag your pet safety kit.  These make great gift ideas for that cat lover or pet lover who wants to keep track of their pets, and also you can see just what your cat or pet gets up to during the day!

Loc8tor Pet - Ultimate Wireless Pet Locator

With so many pets, and especially cats, going missing each year, having a gps cat locator collar on your cat will make it easier to find them, and with some pre-determined boundaries set you will get an alarm when they have crossed these boundaries.    If you have a screened cat house outside, then this could be that boundary, and you will know if they have escaped.

Technology keeps getting better, and smaller and smaller devices are being created, and the pet world can now benefit from these devices.  You can get everything from pet collar cameras to this gps cat locator or pet locator to keep track of where your pet goes and just what he gets up to, and they are affordable gadgets.

You can get the gps cat locator collar online at sites such as Amazon, or pet supply stores.  If you worry about your cat going missing, then consider one of these for peace of mind.