Tom Tom GPS devices are one of the most popular brands of GPS systems on the market. The TomTom XXL 550M GPS system is one of the best selling GPS  devices among Tom Tom’s line of navigation devices. This device has many of the top rated features among in-car tracking devices that give spoken turn-by-turn directions.

One of the most popular features on the Tom Tom XXL 550M GPS system is the spoken turn-by-turn directions that announce street names. This is one of the most sought after features on GPS devices. This is a great feature to have on your GPS device because you can keep your eyes on the road and simply listen to the directions be spoken. Some of the other features help you get to your destination more easily like the IQ Routes technology always chooses the fastest routes for your trip and Advanced Lane Guidance technology shows you which lane to take so you won’t miss your turn or have to make dangerous maneuvers when navigating difficult stretches of highway.

Unlike other GPS brands the TomTom XXL 550M has lifetime map updates. With lifetime updates street names, local points of attractions and directions stay current and accurate. You can also get free updates as often as you’d like with Map Share On Demand Updates. With the lifetime map updates you can download the latest full map edition every few months. The Map Share On-demand Updates let you download verified updates from other Tom Tom users as often as you’d like while you wait for official updates from Tom Tom.

The 5 inch extra-wide touch screen on the Tom Tom XXL 550M is one of the largest screens available. The large viewing area gives you an expanded view of the road. The touch screen makes it easy to access the menus and features. There are also two buttons on the device to help you easily navigate through the on-screen menus. The anti-glare screen consistently gives you a great clear view even in direct sunlight.

You’ll be able to use your TomTom XXL 550 GPS device right out of the box because everything you need to get started is included. Besides the GPS device itself a foldable car mount is included as well as an adhesive disk to mount your GPS to the dashboard is in the box as well. You also get a USB traffic receiver to receive traffic information on your device while you charge it via the cigarette lighter in your car. The USB receiver/charger can also be used for charging your device via your computer The quick start guide and safe driving leaflet will help you get set up.

These are all great features but there are even more great features on the Tom Tom XXL 550 Portable GPS. You can find out more about this GPS device as well as the current price from one of the many e-retailers that carry it like Walmart, Amazon, HSN, Target and many others or directly from TomTom