There are many ways that a person can deploy GPS tracking for cars on their vehicle. However, many of these methods are very expensive and can cost the average person hundreds of dollars up front and hundreds of dollars a year in subscription fees. This makes tracking a car anything put easy for the average person. Thankfully, there are some alternatives to the expensive tracking options that most people find when they begin looking at what is out there.

Classic GPS Tracking For Cars

But before we get into the cheap alternatives to tracking a car with GPS we should probably take a look at what you are saving yourself from when you go with the cheap alternative. Like all GPS tracking systems, car tracking begins with a small device that is going to be receiving the satellite signals that make up the groundwork of any effective tracking system. This device is not only capable of receiving signals, but it is also capable of transmitting information in real time from the device to a data center where the information is process and made available for users to access.

All this means that a GPS tracking device for cars is going to have both a GPS receiver and either a radio transmitter or a cell phone modem. As you might have guessed, this makes these devices anything but cheap. Many real time tracking device cost as much as $300 just for the device.

Then, companies also charge you for transmitting data from your tracking device to their data center so that you can access your data. Generally speaking, data plans for devices can range from $10 a month to $50 a month depending on the number of location calls you want to be able to know about your device. This can all add up very fast!

Cheap GPS Tracking For Cars

This is where developing a cheap GPS tracking system for cars is going to be important if the average person is going to be able to make use of this awesome and powerful technology. But if we consider what it takes to make a tracking device that can be used to find out the position of a vehicle in real time then the cheap solution should be right in front of our eyes. What device do we know of that is pretty cheap and that can receive GPS signals and communicate over a cell phone network? You might have one in your pocket right now, it is a cell phone.

Cell phones make very powerful and very cheap GPS car tracking devices. They are very easy to use and have a lot going for them. Some GPS enabled cell phone are under $50, the software that you need to turn your phone into a tracking device is free, and all you have to pay for is a data plan that will work for your needs.

As you can see, there is an easy way to use GPS tracking for cars that wil not send you crying all the way to the bank.