If you are interested in getting real-time information on the location of a truck in your fleet or if you are an owner operator who wants his family at home to know exactly where he is at any moment you should consider purchasing a GPS truck tracking device. These devices can really help you get a picture of exactly where a truck is in the world, providing much needed administrative information for a business owner or moral support for a family.

Many tracking devices come with a fee based fleet tracking software that will allow you to view exactly where the truck is on a Google Maps type interface. All you need to do is log in to your account through your tracking provider, make a few clicks, and you can see exactly where the truck is that you are trying to track with GPS. It really is that simple and easy. If you have ever used Google Maps to explore a new area or to get driving directions from place to place you already know everything that you would need to know about how to use a truck tracking device.

But why should you use GPS truck tracking? Is there something special about it?

Well, it is really, really cool. If you are a business owner and want to know where your trucks are located so that you can get estimated time of arrivals for them than nothing beats GPS tracking. You can watch your trucks move across the country in real-time, watching your freight empire make you money.

Or, if you are a mother, son, daughter, or friend of a person who drives a truck with a tracking device installed you can see them as them speed home to you. This means that you can be ready for them when they return or throw a surprise for them because you know exactly where there truck is.

But there are more reasons than just being able to do cool things with this type of GPS. For starters, business owners can provide better routing to their fleet of trucks. If a road is closed or is experiencing heavy congestion you can re-route your driver to a more friendly route because you can see exactly where they are at any given moment of time.

Another thing that you could do is contact shipping destinations when your truck is about to arrive to their target location. This can facilitate quick cargo loading and unloading which can mean faster turn around times for drivers, more on-time deliveries, and a better overall fleet performance. This all means more money in your pocket and a happier work force.

Still another thing that GPS truck tracking devices is help you deal with bad drivers. If they are taking inefficient routes, using trucks for personal use, or just otherwise being a lazy driver you can have a GPS log of all their activity, speed, and location with which to take disciplinary action against them. If they still don't change then you have plenty of ammo to fire them for poor work performance. This give bosses a powerful fleet management tool with which to make their business better.

This all works because of the Global Positioning System that orbits the earth and all the cell towers that dot the landscape. The satellites in the sky transmit a signal which your truck's GPS receiver reads and translates into position information. The process by which the GPS receiver turns the signal information from the satellites into position information is called trilateration.

After trilaterating their position, GPS tracking devices for trucks then transmit this information through cell phone towers via GPRS technology. They send the position information to a special GPRS receiver that give this information to a special computer program that lets you see a map of the trucks location. Simple process and fantastic technology.

How much does GPS truck tracking cost? This will depend on a couple of different factors. If you buy a top of the line GPS tracking device for the truck and buy an expensive tracking software you are probably going to spend close to a $1000 the first year and about $300-$500 each year after that in subscription fees. If you buy a lower end device (like a cell phone) and use one of the many free GPS tracking applications available for cell phones you can get a cell phone and a GPS tracking device for a relatively small price tag and almost no continuous subscription fee.

The choice of GPS truck tracking devices is yours.