One of the most popular training aids for runners today is GPS watches. But with so many different models to choose from which model should I buy. Well this all depends mainly on your budget and what features you will need out of the GPS watch. Lots of the higher end expensive watches have tons of features that lots of people will not use.

GPS Watches For RunnersSo what's the point of paying extra money for these features if you are not going to use them. If you are a bargain hunter. Then it goes without saying that the best and cheapest place to buy GPS watches for runners is the Internet. The web is full of websites selling this wonderful running training aid, that every serious runner should own.

Benefits Of Runners Wearing GPS Watches

The main benefit to wearing a GPS watch whilst running is the fact that you can measure the distance you run and you can also keep an eye on your heart rate. Running to a set heart rate has got so many benefits. Some of the main benefits is that when you run to a target heart rate based on your sex, age and weight . You are more likely to be using fat from your body for energy rather than lean body mass.

Some GPS watches also give you the ability to download all the information from your running sessions to your PC. Giving you very important information such as distance ran, calories burnt, heart rate measurement and much more. All this data is going to allow you to improve at each and every run and move forward with your running sessions. Rather than being stuck at the same tempo month after month.

Lots of people go running to lose weight, so if you fit into this category, then GPS watches are going to be a must have buy for you. But why, people have been running for years and have still managed to lose weight without the need for this device. They have, but if you are looking to get the most out of your workouts and want to reach your weight loss goals much quicker. Then a GPS watch will certainly help in you achieving it.

Buying Cheap GPS Watches For Runners

Like we mentioned earlier the Internet is the place to pick up bargain GPS watches. But with so many websites out there where do you buy from. Well if you don't mind wearing second hand or used stuff. Then the big auction website eBay is going to be right up your street. Ebay is massive and there are hundreds of GPS watches being sold on there every day.

Don't just jump in and buy the first watch that you see though, there are a few tips that you will need to follow to ensure that you get the best and cheapest price that you can. Look around the Internet and read as many online reviews of GPS watches for runners as you can. Once you have found out which watch you want to buy. Hop back over to eBay and find an auction that is selling your chosen watch. Obviously the cheapest prices will be buying second hand. But there are lots of eBay auctions selling brand new watches so compare the prices and buy the watch that is going to suit you and your budget.

A good tip is to wait till the very last second then make your bid. This will ensure that no one has the chance to outbid you and bump up the price. Because of the popularity of eBay, more and more people are using the site. So the days of getting fantastic bargains are slowly coming to an end. So again before you purchase, do your online research and always compare prices.

Another fantastic website for buying GPS watches for runners is Amazon. The good thing about Amazon is they have so many different products to choose from with lots of online companies selling their products through Amazon. Speaking from my own personal experience I find Amazon to be one of the cheapest places to buy online goods. Another big selling point is you get the ability to read honest and unbiased reviews before you part with your hard earned cash.

Let's take a quick look at a model of GPS watch that is currently getting rave reviews on Amazon.

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Watch With Heart Monitor

This watch GPS receiver has got a very high sensitivity and provides exceptional signal reception for accurate and precise data at every use. This one piece training aid is going to provide you with lots of important data such as distance traveled, pace data and precise speed to name just a few of them.

Also included with this model is the training center software which will allow you to download all your run's data to your computer for detailed and accurate analysis. This will allow you to get the most from your workouts at every session.

This GPS watch is not only for runners, it can be used for many other sports such as cross country skiing, cycling and windsurfing to name just a few of them. When you purchase this model you will receive the Forerunner 305 GPS watch receiver, heart rate monitor, expander strap, docking cradle, CD Garmin training center software, all the cables and a owner's manual and quick start guide to get you started straight away.

This watch is so simple to use and set up is quick and easy. The only downside to this model is the size, it is slightly bigger than your standard sports watch. But this is because it is jam packed with every feature you will ever need and is so powerful it will blow you away.

The heart rate monitor has got a transmission range of around 3m and the batteries will last approx 3 years if you were to use the watch for one hour every day. Costing just over one hundred dollars this GPS runners watch is an absolute steal. This model has got every feature you will ever likely to need. But if you are looking for a model that is slightly cheaper with less features then I've no doubting that Amazon has got a GPS watch listed for you.