Since many years Hollywood has been mesmerising its audience with its astounding and  larger than life movies.So here is a list of directors who contributed with their innovative and unprecedented movie making skills to make Hollywood one of the greatest  film-industries in the world.

1)Alfred Hitchcock


Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was a British film director and producer born on 13 August 1899 and  is considered a connoisseur of suspense and psychological thriller movies.He started his career as a assistant director in united Kingdom and later on  moved to  hollywood where he  directed many movies that revolutionalized the thriller genre .The most peculiar thing about his movies was the "script" which kept the audience on the edge of their seats and do not even  give  them a  moment to blink.He became an inspiration for a new generation of filmkmakers with his unimaginable,innovative and inventive ways of telling the story.He aced camera and editing techniques and utilised them in his movies in a significant manner which made his each movie a masterpiece .Some of his greatest movies are strangers on a train,the 39 steps,notorious,rear window,vertigo,psycho .


2)Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg born on 18 deecember 1946 is one of the most eminent and influential  filmdirectors of Hollywood.He was a trendsetter in Hollywood for Sci-fiction movies and his movies were  landmarks in visual and special effects ,with his fictitious but beyond imagination stories he  gained both commercial and critical success.He started his career as a director in a TV -movie named Duel (1972)that fetched him critical appreciation and later on he made his first theatrical film the Sugarland Express which crashed poorly at the box office beacuse of improper marketing.His second film jaws (1975) was a great success criticaly and financialy and also listed him under the top Hollywoods  directors.After that he never looked back and made many successfull movies like close encounters of third kind,Extra terrestrial,the terminal,jurassic park,Artificial intelligence,Minority report and many more.He won three Academy awards during his directorial stint two for Schindler's list(director/producer) and one for Saving private ryan(director).

3)Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola born on April 7 1939 is an American film director,producer and screenwriter.In the begining of his career he assisted Roger Corman  and also worked under his guidance as a dialogue director in Tower of London(1962),soundman for the movie The young Racers(1963) and associate Producer in The Terror(1963).Later in 1971 he directed the movie The Godfather which was a historical success at the box office and bought him both critical and commercial appreciation .The Godfather won an academy award for best picture and a nomination for Best director and is still considered as the best film ever made in gangster genre.Later in 1974 he made The Godfather-II sequel to The Godfather was a bigger hit than its Predecessor and won six academy awards.Coppola is among the most influential directors of hollywood whose  distinct and unprecedented ways of filmaking  brought him critical and financial success.Some of his great movies are Apocalypse Now,The Cotton Club,One from the Heart,The Outsiders,Hammet, The Rumble Fish.

4)Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese born on 17 November 1942 is an American Screenwriter,director and producer.He is among the most reknowned directors of Hollywood who contributed during his directorial stint with severel masterpieces like taxi driver,mean streets,the departed andGoodfellas .He proved himself to be  a cognoscente of influential filmmaking and mesmerized the world with his unique style of making movies which were a combination of subversive violence ,black comedy and  substantial music.He made his first feature film who's that knocking at my door(1968) and later in 1970 became friends with "influential filmakers " of those times like Francis Ford Coppola,George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.In 1972 he directed the movie mean streets which was a great success at the box office and fetched him appreciation from critics as well as from the audience.Mean streets  was the first  successfull stride in his  directoral tenure after that he made many great movies and astounded the world with his versatality. Some of his great movies are taxi driver,raging bull,the king of comedy ,the departed and shutter island. 

5)Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino born on march 27 1963 is an american director ,producer,scriptwriter and actor.His name is well known in the field of criticaly acclaimed movies as his movies possess distinct storylines and unconventional ways of filmaking that challenge contemporary filmaking.Most of his movies would start from the ending scene or some scene from the mid of the  movie,display a lot of gratuitous violence and are full of bloodshedding scenes.He created a new genre of movies and amazed people with his unpredicatable and recognizable  style of filmaking.In 1987 he directed  his first movie My best friend's birthday which was not released because its final reel was burnt in a lab fire that occured during editing.In 1992 he directed reservoir dogs which was a big hit and also got critical acclaim.Some of his great movies are pulp fiction,reservoir dogs,inglourious basterds,Jackie brown,Kill Bill(vol 1 and 2)and Death proof.