GT BMX bikes have been around since 1979 and they have shown over the last four decades why they are considered to be one of the best brands on the market. Not only can you find GT BMX bikes but also MTBs; another more profitable market that this company breached and have found much success in. Based out of Santa Ana, California, this manufacturer has a wide range of models--more than most other brands--and claim ownership to many subsidiaries like Dyno, Powerlite, Auburn and Robinson. GT BMX bikes started being produce at the perfect time when chromoly steel construction was just beginning to surface. Their first cycles were made with this light yet durable material and helped them establish a reputation for themselves early on in the game in 1981 when freestyle really started picking up steam.

The company's name is actually an acronym for one of the founders names, Gary Turner, who happens to be an engineer and former drag racer. He and racetrack operator Richard Long set out to make the best GT BMX bikes for kids--boys specifically. At first it was only Turner's son who was riding them, but with his success in racing came more exposure for his father's brand. It wasn't long before they were reaching annual sales exceeding four million dollars. Much of the reason they made such a large profit was because of the fact that they were producing GT BMX bikes from Turner's garage, which resulted in a very low overhead.

Nowadays they are a subsidiary of Schwinn due to many ups and downs they experienced over the years. At one point in the late 1980s they were raking in nearly $150 million a year but when Schwinn agreed to buy them they had to bail them out of a $180 million debt. GT BMX Bikes still remain a top contender in the extreme cycle and MTB industry, as evidenced by their over 4,500 different parts, components and accessories as well as 143 models including 48 MTBs, 73 Juvenile bicycle moto cross, and 22 road and specialty models sold under their various brand names.

GT BMX Bikes for Sale

As I just highlighted, this company manufactures over 70 different models and each one is unique and special in their own ways, even if they are a bit subtle sometimes. GT BMX bikes for sale also range in price a lot between $150 and $600. Their pro models are the more expensive ones while the kids and basic beginner cycles are a lot more affordable. This, of course, goes with any brand you shop for but in this case you have a lot more to choose from. Take a look at the list below for some of the most popular and best GT BMX bikes for sale.

  • Fueler Dirt Jump 20" ($540)
  • Calafia Freestyle 20" ($450 - $550)
  • Power Series 24" ($500)
  • El Centro Freestyle 20" ($450)
  • Zone Kids Freestyle 20" ($300)
  • Air Freestyle 20" ($280)
  • Thumper Freestyle 20" ($300)
  • El Centro Kids Freestyle 16" ($300)
  • Mach One Pro ($250 - $300)

There are obviously dozens of other GT BMX bikes for sale to choose from but these particular models seem to be the best in terms of quality, price and overall satisfaction. You can find them on a number of websites including Amazon, REI and

Cheap GT BMX Bikes

If you don't want to spend more than $300 on a nice cycle, I don't blame you, and fortunately there are plenty of models under $300 and even $200 in some cases. Cheap GT BMX bikes are actually not very hard to find and it's no surprise with over 70 models on their roster you should expect at least a handful of them to be affordable. The kids models are usually pretty inexpensive but most of you reading this are probably looking for a more expensive one for a discount price. Either way, the lists below should have you covered.

Cheap GT BMX Bikes for Sale Under $300

  • Mach One Mini 12" and 16" Kids Dirt/Freestyle ($150)
  • 2010 Mach One Expert CB 20" Kids Racing ($180)
  • 2010 Zone 20" Kids Freestyle ($299)
  • 2004 Thumper 20" Freestyle ($299)
  • 2010 Performer 20" Freestyle ($299)
  • El Centro 16" Kids Freestyle ($299)
  • 2009 Compe 20" Freestyle ($299)
  • 2010 Air 20" Freestyle ($280)

GT BMX BikesOld School & Vintage GT BMX Bikes

Old School cycles are getting to be quite popular and this is one of the few brands that you can find still. That being said, it's not always easy tracking down a nice old school cycle but there are a few convenient options to consider. You can buy vintage GT BMX bikes for sale in your local cycle shop sometimes there is no guarantee you will be able to select from more than one, if that.

It is often a better choice to shop online for vintage and old school GT BMX bikes because there will be a lot more to pick between. eBay is a fantastic website to being your search and you could also check out other similar sites like CraigsList and even speciality sites that focus on selling vintage cycles. If nothing else, you should at least be able to find a few parts and build your own old school GT BMX bikes.

By now you are probably overloaded with information about this popular company and there isn't much more that needs to be covered. With the resources and reference provided throughout this article I don't think you will have any trouble shopping for the best GT BMX bikes on the market.