At the clothes store today I was told by the shop assistant that G star raw Elwood 96 jeans were designed for their 10 year anniversary in 2006 but have proved so popular that G star have re-released the Elwood 96 jeans. This is fairly confusing as wikipedia states that G star was founded in 1989.

Regardless of the meaning behind them, these jeans exude quality. In the U.K. many shops are offering reductions in an effort to stimulate consumer demand. The Elwood 96s however were not discounted.

As soon as I touched them though I knew that I would have to try them on. The feel of the denim is fantastic. Soft and firm at the same time which I imagine has a lot to do with the RAW nature of the denim. Perhaps I could have made a saving if I had tried the jeans on for size then ordered my G star jeans online. However while internet shopping may save a bit of money I always like to ensure that the jeans I buy are the exact fit and color that I want. Buying denim in a shop is the best way to ensure this.

elwood heritage taperedThe G-star raw Elwood jeans come in various flavors. The kind I went for, pictured above, have a tapered leg that gets narrower near the bottom. These jeans, as far as I am aware, can also be purchased in a straigher cut.

As G star RAW jeans come untreated and unwashed I always worry about shrinkage. The shop assistant today explained that he never washes his jeans in a washing machine. Instead he hand washes them in cool water then simply hangs them up to dry to ensure that they don't become smaller.

G star's Elwood jeans are not the cheapest G star option. They are a quality pair of jeans that look and feel like they will last a long time. Various parts of the jeans are re-inforced. This included the seat, knees and rear hem at the bottom of the legs.

I am now back up to four pairs of G star jeans. I threw out my favorite pair earlier this year as I had literally worn them out after a solid 8 years of use. I look at my purchase of g star raw elwood jeans as an investment that will last me years.