G Star is a denim fashion house that is known throughout the world for the high quality of the denim that they produce and their designs. G-Star is a very famous brand which in large part is due to their innovative RAW denim that they began manufacturing on a large scale in 1996. Their RAW denim in particular has brought many new followers and fans to the brand. Gstar's RAW denim has helped gain them a strong reputation for trend setting within the fashion industry. They manufacture stylish high quality, long lasting denim jeans. A big part of their popularity is the high quality of the garments that they make. Some of their appeal is the "extras" they add to their clothing such as leather and zippers as well as complex seam lines, pockets and detailing. The attention paid to the detail of G Star jeans is impressive. G Star jeans are comfortable and stylish to wear. It is a pleasure to wear G Star jeans because of their comfort and fit. They are the most well represented brand in my wardrobe Denim is the core of G-Star's business. Their business revolves around the production and design of denim goods. Currently they appear keen to explore three dimensional architecture as well as the creating new, distinctive silhouettes. Not only do they mass produce stylish denim street wear, they are also at the cutting edge of the fashion industry. On top of this, many of their designs include unexpected features and details, which include both leather and zippers are added to classic designs, and complex seam and structure detailing is further explored across the range. G Star update classic cuts for the world of today. This includes military influenced designs with a funky street vibe.

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G Star's main area of business is making their RAW denim. RAW denim forms a main part of G-Star's business. This type of denim is dyed but then not washed or treated unlike many other brands of jeans that are stone washed this kind of denim remains unwashed. This means there is a possibility of shrinkage. This is the reason behind the name, RAW denim. However one of the attractions of raw denim is that it will fade uniquely to the body of the wearer. This type of denim has a slightly different feel to it than treated jeans. G-Star takes much of their inspiration from European fashion trends and military clothing. Many of the popular G Star designs are influenced by military uniforms.

"Just the product" has always been G-Stars philosophy and market approach. The development of innovative products like Raw Denim, which has had a major influence on the jeans market, was a natural consequence of this view. They focus their efforts on creating top class denim jeans that sell themselves. They released their Raw denim over ten years ago in 1996.

Since then G-Star has widened its concept to include a newer, edgier image. The G Star look takes classic lines and mixes them with street cool. This has mass appeal to all styles, trends and ages, while keeping the product in the purest form. Their products are bought by students and high earners alike. Authentic details and functional attributes give the collection a strong sense of identity. No part of the design is overlooked and there is a focus on detail. They have not produced denim jackets for seven years. After a seven year break, G Star are once again making new denim jackets. This year (2009) however sees the unveiling of the jean jacket as re-imagined by G-Star. Their new designs will be available from 2009. Their new designs take formal outfits and rough them up with some street level styling. These new styles are a fusion of formal jackets mixed with the cool of the street. This fusion of formality with functionality appears to be part of the G-Star philosophy. Mixing formal and hard wearing styles is one of the ideas behind their designs. G-Star has only been around for 20 years. They are a relatively new company.

Already they are known for their innovative and cutting edge style in the world of denim. They have forged a strong reputation for themselves with their G Star jeans and RAW denim. They are a pioneer of raw denim and have gained many admirers of they clothing all over the world. Raw denim is one of their major appeals. G Star's hard edged style has helped generate a massive cult following. They have many fans all over the world who love their styling. While G Star jeans have been made since 1989, their raw denim was only unveiled in 1996. Some of their jeans today still have the "96" emblem on them. The 96 logo that appears on some of their designs refers to 1996 when their RAW denim was introduced. My latest pair of G Star jeans were some Elwood Heritage Embro Tapered with the 96 sewn into the rear of the left leg. This style is still very popular. While G Star produce designs for the street, they also spend a considerable amount of effort on fashion shows to raise their profile. Fashion show preparation and other cross over projects are important to the G Star brand. It is certainly possible to find cheaper jeans. G Star jeans are reasonably priced for the quality of their designs. G star jeans are not aimed at the budget market however. They are not cheap denim goods. They seem more concerned with being innovative and producing top quality denim clothing. Their denim products are high quality and long lasting. They start their slogan with the same word as Nike, "Just the Product". Their slogan "Just the Product" emphasizes the importance they place on the products they manufacture. Part of their appeal is the way the juxtapose alternative styles. Traditional and experimental, military and street. Regardless of fashion tastes, there will be something in the G star lines for you.

Having shopped at G Star stores from Europe to Japan I know that the look and feel of the shops is similar regardless of the country. The G Star shops have a similar feel all over the world. They definitely promote a strong brand image that is easily recognizable as the G-Star feel. The G Star brand is high profile and distinctive. This is a edgy, stylish, clean, and functional vibe that is noticeable from the stores I have visited. Regardless of the country the shops are in they maintain a recognizable look, hard edged, functional, crisp and open. G-Star are now a major player in the denim market. Within the industry, G Star are a strong company. They have shops in 18 different countries. G Star shops appear in almost 20 countries worldwide. Innovation is key to their continued success. Continually bringing new designs to the street is a factor in their popularity. They are trend setters and keep producing new designs that we want to wear. G Star bring a refreshing outlook to the denim industry.