Garmin's New Forerunner 410 - A Summary

Being a bit of a runner and long time user of previous 405 watch, I was very enthusiastic about the launch of a potentially updated and improved version of the industry's most advanced GPS sports watch.

Touch Control Bezel

The touch control bezel bought over from the Forerunner 405 is an element that you simply adore or you despise. The younger generation in many cases are able to rapidly grasp how to manipulate the watch proficiently by applying the right motions and pressure's to the bezel, but slightly older runners sometimes found that the Forerunner 405 bezel just caused stress rather than making the 405 a joy to use. With the new Forerunner, Garmin doesn't seem to have made the bezel more easy to use and strangely have even taken away the capability for the user to change the level of sensitivity of the watch's bezel - the one feature of the Garmin 405 bezel that meant that the user had some flexibility. After using the the Garmin4 10 for three weeks now, I can honestly say that the control bezel has not resulted in me any grief and commonly I find that I only use it to setup the unit up just before training. Typically when I am out running with the watch in training mode I only use the Start/Stop and Lap/Reset buttons to control the unit.

New and Improved GPS Receiver

There are various changes made to the Forerunner 410 that I genuinely appreciate nevertheless. The HotFix GPS is so powerful that my Forerunner 410 sometimes actually picks up a signal indoors before I have even started a run and is very quick to find a signal again if I loose reception whilst in the middle of a session.

Heart Rate Dependent Calorie Tracker

Furthermore , i find the new HR based calorie computer really useful. I am currently training for an IronMan and learning the actual amount of calories that I am burning has made it much easier for me to plan my food consumption for the big day's 12-15 hour competition!
New Style HR Strap

The considerably improved Garmin Heart Rate strap that the Forerunner 410 is supplied with is also a much needed improvement as it is much more comfortable than the old-style heart rate monitors as it isnt as restrictive.

Review of the Garmin 410

Garmin Forerunner 410 Features

Inbuilt GPS enables you to record and track up to 40 crucial training stats in real time

Interrogate your training using Garmin's feature rich Connect Website

Garmin's Virtual Training Partner means that you can race against the watch - very helpful for race preperation

Use for both cycling and running

Works with many wireless ANT+ HR Straps and Cycling Sensors

Create advanced routines at the touch of a button.