Gadget you Gotta Have

With so many bright inventors and stunning innovations sweeping the market every year, it’s not hard to always be on the look out for great gadgets to add to your repertoire. With this list you can narrow down your list to a few great items that not only will make a good impression to the people around you, but also help make your life easier.

Sony PlayStation Vita

Fans of Sony are always on the lookout for their next gaming system. The Playstation in all of its incarnations did very well on the market.  Sony’s PSP capitalized on that momentum and took mobile gaming to a all new level. The upgraded version of the PSP come to the market in the form of PSP GO, this eliminated the need for game disk. It allowed players to download games directly to their memory card and thus free up a lot of space and trips to the store. Sony has upgraded once again. While there is a whole other set of people who like Nintendo’s 3DS, true gamers will be snapping up the Vita. The OLED screen is a large 5 inches, offers a bright and color rich display on top of being touch sensitive. There are also rear paneled touch controls which allow for a heightened gaming experience. The picture on the Sony Vita is so clear and the graphics so intense, that you can easily forget that you are using a hand held device and not sitting in front of your HDTV screen.

Panasonic Lumix LX5

While most people have functional cameras on their phones and smart devices, there is still something to be said about a regular camera. Of course, a digital SLR is the best on the market, but it isn’t reasonable to carry one around all the time, or even to justify spending the serious cash needed to buy one unless you are a professional photographer. The Lumix is a great compact option that takes excellent pictures form even novice users. Is has 720p video capture capabilities as well as a ten megapixel zoom sensor. This is paired with a very strong Leica telephoto camera lens and excellent management software. You can shoot high quality pictures that come out great when printed.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Have you ever heard of the phrase “where’s the fire?” That perfectly describes the newest Amazon product. It offers a lot of competition to Apple’s Ipad2 with a beautiful display that is seven generous inches large. It is equipped with a dual core processor and a specially customized operating system powered by Android. The first thing that comes to mind may be that the Kindle or anything with that in its name is simply a fancy mobile library. The Kindle fire is an great eBook reading device, but also it allows users to easily browse the internet as well as play media files. You are also pre-loaded with a Kindle store where you can purchase and download new titles both written and audio. You are also able to play some of the more popular mobile games like Angry Birds. If you want to move against the Apple crowd and try something new, this is the perfect gadget for you.

Acer Aspire S3

Not must have list is complete without at least one laptop or computer mentioned. The Acer is a Windows run laptop that is powered with a Core i7 Processor. It’s on the list of the world’s thinnest windows powered laptops that taking on the Mac Air market. It is part of the family of Ultrabooks from both Acer and Toshiba. The price is a bit lower that the Mac Air, but is still a match for its elegant design burnished metal cover and 13 inch screen. This computer is not for the casual user, it has a fully loaded package that is geared to students and business people who need a powerful processor on the go.

Apple iPhone 4S

We do love Apple products, so there’s no way you can reach the end of this list without at least one. The latest iPhone incarnation is still king when it comes to smart phones. The rivals of Apple have come a long way in improving the competing phones to try to gain some of the market share that iPhone has dominated for the past several years. However, with the high end graphics card and dual processing ability makes this not only a far superior phone, but also a great mobile gaming piece and mini computer all wrapped up in one. There is still nothing that even comes close to the Apple Application store. There is an unlimited amount of songs, books, movies, and applications to download both free and for a charge. With a developer friendly platform, there is not limit to the amount of apps you will see in the future. The built in 8 megapixel camera replaces the need to have an extra piece of equipment on hand, top add a cherry to the whole pie, you can control everything via the Siri voice digital assistant.

Kodak Playsport

We all remember the failure of 3M’s camcorder projector, however, Kodak got it right, and this great gadget is built for on the go filming and memory preservation. Its waterproof for those adventurous types who need to preserve their underwater escapades. It is safe for kids and adults with butter fingers. It can be dropped time and again but still capture first class HD video. If fits well in the palm of your hand and doesn’t have the usually bulk and awkward feel that most recorders have.

Roku 2 XS

Think apple TV, but better. This is a small wi-fi device used for all sorts of different entertainment media. Some things that come standard are Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Video, Pandora, Crackle, NBA and so on. It shows all pictures in HD and easily works with standard television sets. If you are into light gaming, a wii type motion stick is included with the system for game play. Yes, Angry Birds is pre-loaded. The total price is under a C-note which makes is ahead of Apples TV in terms of affordability.  Do keep in mid that most channels require a minimal subscription.