Lightning Detector by StrikeAlert




You use computers on a daily basis and don't know how you could get around without your trusty smart phone. Between email, text, Twitter, and Skype, you do most of our daily routines with the help of modern, cutting-edge technology. So why not use some of the available advanced gadgets to help you improve your times and training sessions while in the pool? Just because you're underwater doesn't mean that you can take advantage of smart, innovative devices. Step up your swimming level and see what state of the art training tools pros and amateur swimmers alike are adopting into their pool routine.


While most of us can't imagine going running without a portable music device blasting in our ears and pumping us up step by step, it wasn't until recently that waterproof MP3s were available for swimmers. But modern technology has allowed these portable sound devices to adapt and perform just as well in the water as they do out. Take the Finis SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player for example. It's a portable music device that's designed to keep you motivated and entertained with tunes as you make your rounds in the pool. The unique bone conduction design uses a highly developed technology that allows the sound to transmit from the device to your ears through the cheekbone. The gadget attaches directly to your swim goggle or snorkeling mask, ensuring that it will remain in place during even the toughest sessions. With a long-lasting 8 hour battery, the SwiMP3 is available in both 1GB and 2GB models. The storage capacity is sure to fit all your favorite workout song and help keep you going strong while in the pool.


Not all aqua-geared technology has to be big or complex. Small and ultra compact, the Tempo Trainer by Finis is something that every competitive swimmer should have on hand. It acts as a personal pace coach to help you keep track of every lap's timing. The Tempo Trainer elevates training and maximizes performance. It works by transmitting an audible beep to help the swimmer with stroke, cycle, and stride rate. Think of it as a metronome, yet not for keeping time in music, but rather for keeping pace in the water. This device is quickly becoming a favorite among swim coaches and elite athletes because it allows them to train smarter, not harder. 


While music can keep you going in the water and audio devices help you maintain accurate pace, there are other electronic gadgets that can literally be lifesaving devices to you and others in the water. If you do most of your swimming outdoors, or spend a lot of your summer enjoying the pool with your family, then you definitely want to invest in the Lightning Detector by StrikeAlert. Summer storms can form in minutes, and before you know it, potentially deadly lightning can be overhead and virtually impossible to avoid. But a device like the Lightning Detector can help warn you and your family that trouble is brewing in the skies. The gadget can detect lightning up to 40 miles away and instantly inform you of a strike in your area. It's ideal for outdoor sporting events and something that every swim meet coach, or any other outdoor sports coach, should have on hand.