Gadgets have a special place in our lives; many of them improve our daily routine while looking fashionable at the same time. On the other hand, there is a whole smattering of gadgets that we could easily and probably should live without. Here is a list of things to pass up on your next trip to the electronics store.

Popcorn Maker

While they look handy and you think that you would be able to save money on your popcorn making, unless you eat five pounds of popcorn per day, this is a worthless item that not only takes up space, but also is a waste of money.

Fancy Headphones

Most media devices come with a pretty good pair of headphones these days. While a $200 pair of Bose headphone may look cool, unless you are in the music business, then they are a waste of money. You can easily find a great pair of noise cancelling headphones for around $25 bucks that performs just as well.

High End Toy Animals

Now, we all wonder what it would be like to have dinosaurs roaming the earth again, or our own personal high functioning robot. That being said, there is no excuse to run out and buy a $500 mechanical TOY that will simply look cool or walk around the house and knock things over.


Social media has become one with us. Every phone, smart device, tv show and even kid electronic toy has a twitter function. We agree that it is important to keep up with the latest tweets, if you are in to that type of thing, but this gadget not only wastes your time but it also wastes your money. At $200, this is a mobile contraption that keeps you connected to twitter, and only twitter 24/7. Even if your job is t stay on top of tweet all day, there is no reason not to use your phone or laptop. If you feel you need something fancier, simply opt for an iphone, at least you will get a lot more use out of it.

Digital Cameras

This may come as a surprise on this list, but it is true. When digital cameras first hit the market, they were competing with film prints. At that time, even epic Kodak was turned into a random bit of nostalgia. These days, most phones and smart devices have excellent cameras that are built in. The price of phones these days also reflects the good options for quality pictures. Digital cameras are quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you must have one, stick to the hundred of name brand options that are easily available under $80. If you want professional looking pictures on a regular basis, then consider opting for a digital SLR camera.


When these puppies came out, I was just amazed as you were. I also wanted to ride one up and down the street for fun, call it the adult version of BMX lust. Now that the luster has worn off, no one can really justify spending seven grand on a human transporter. After all, that’s what legs are for right? In the US, there is already a huge amount of laziness that has resulted in an ever increase population of overweight and obese citizens. This human transporter is just anther excuse for people to walk less. Another thing, if you look at the size of most sidewalks, there isn’t enough room for one to go by while allowing people to walk as well. It isn’t safe to use on the regular road either being that its speed is much slower that cars or even those other great human transporters, bikes. Not only will your pocket be lighter, but you will also look like a geeky fool.

The Shake Weight

We have all seen the TV ads. A smiling but slightly chubby person, holding a white contraption that looks eerily like a dumb bell that happened to shake back and forth. It doesn’t really burn that many calories though the advertisement likes to make it seem so. You are able to get a better workout by simply walking or doing a few squats. If you have already bought it, then maybe you can convert it to double as a massager or egger beater.

Shower Radios

While I am all for making the shower experience as fun as possible, but do you really need to have a waterproof radio to hang inside of the shower with you? Not really, on average, most people only spend 15 minutes in the shower and 30 minutes in the tub. Just about everyone has a mobile music player, so this little gadget can give up the ghost.

Banana Protector

I had the same reaction; it is a covering that goes down as you eat the banana. Not sure why you would need it since bananas are pretty much peel and eat. The skin is natural protection, both for you and the banana.

Fake Sunroof

I don’t see the point in this at all. Not many people look at the top of a car and saw “WOW” nice sunroof. Usually, the exclamation comes while sitting inside of the car. Well, this magnetic strip that look like a real sunroom from the top is a great way to waste money and look silly in the process.

Smoothie Makers

These are simply blenders with nozzles to dispense the liquid. However you can only use it to make smoothies. This is a waste of counter space and money. Often times they also have some many extra parts that they are more of a hassle than if you would have simply thrown the ingredients in the blender.

LED Faucet Lights

These look cool in the dark; however, their only purpose it to tell you if the water is cold or hot. Blue is for cold water and red is for hot water. A really simple thing to do is remember which tap you turned on or just touch the water.