I've already written about the importance of having a good personal story for building up your self-confidence, one that of course, speaks well about you.

I'm going to propose a little exercise. A very funny one indeed. I want you to write good stories about yourself. Why?

1. To start changing the way you think about yourself.

2. To have an awesome and true story to tell when people ask you or the situation is right.

3. To organize your thoughts, beliefs, experiences in a coherent way, so you can know yourself better and use that knowledge as a foundation to keep on building self-esteem and confidence.

Your life is a movie

Just like that.

In cinema, everything is beautiful because of the music, the sound effects, the pace of the story. Everything is done to entertain. It's done with love.

The same could happen when telling your life story. You have to tell your story with the right light and camera angle, you have to choose what to tell and how. You have to do it with love.

People can tell immediately if you have self-esteem issues just by listening to the way you talk about yourself. If you tell a boring, dispassionate, or negative story, they may lose interest in you.

People can also tell when you are simply bragging, which is selfish and also a sign of self-esteem issues. They will definitely lose interest in you.

Like a movie, you don't have the time to brag and bore people. You need to pack your story briefly.

Before you think this is lying, this is not about creating something fictional or recreating what is real. It's about how to tell what is real.

Where is your focus?

The difference between self-confident people and insecure people is in the focus they choose for their stories.

Self-confident people focus on the positive, not on the negative.

Self-confident people focus on lessons learned, not on mistakes.

Everything is about perspective. We first process our experiences and then we call them reality. There are facts, empirical facts. But the moment you start speaking about them, they become subjective.

Other people could talk about the same facts in a very different way.

So start questioning what you assume to be reality.

Let's try

You don't have to write your biography. Just write about a personal experience and make it as awesome and brief as you can: a relationship with an old girlfriend or wife, your high-school years, the day you met someone...

You can also describe your flaws like if you were a character from a movie. I hope you'll see that flaws can also be lovable, and not a reason to hate yourself.

Keep these stories in your computer or notebook to read them whenever you feel like. It's important that you speak nothing but the truth. Don't lie to yourself.

Let's do some justice to your life story.

Your life story is already awesome and you are the star of your own movie. You just need some perspective.