In my article A Guide to Vacationing in Cuba, I go onto explain what to expect during a week long all-inclusive vacation in Cuba. In this article I focus on what I ate during the week I was away, what happened to my body and my speculation as to why I think it happened.

During my latest stay in Cuba in November 2010 I gained 8 pounds when I weighed myself immediately after my trip vs. what I had weighed directly before. To my astonishment I gained three-quarters of an inch on each arm while gaining about half an inch on my waist. Given that it can take me a year or more to gain an inch on my arms, I was more than happy to make the sacrifice of having a slightly bigger waistline.

An all-inclusive vacation has the perk of you being able to eat as much as you want while the restaurants are open. During each breakfast I ate a 3 or 4 egg omelette with bacon and cheese on the side and some fruit crepes to top it off. During lunch I ate on average 10 servings of meat - usually 2-3 fish pieces, 2-3 chicken, and 1-2 each of pork and beef with rice on the side and a small dessert. By dinner time I was usually not too hungry so I only managed around 6 pieces of meat on average, with a bit of pasta/rice/fries on the side.

Just by reading this you can understand how I gained 8 pounds. But the beauty of it is that there was so much protein in my system that this is what likely sparked the great muscle growth over only a week. With the way I ate that week, on food alone it probably would have cost me $500-$700 to have an equivalent type of meal each day in Canada so in effect it was like me getting the beach and other perks of going to Cuba absolutely free.

Although all-inclusives anywhere should have the same principles regarding the food, I suspect that the lack of preservatives and other types of junk in Cuba's meat contributed to the great muscle growth I experienced. The week off from working out also gave my muscles a good rest to recover and grow. I recommend to anyone who wishes to gain lean muscle mass to take an all-inclusive trip and eat all the protein they can handle.

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