Galaxy Life is a new Facebook game by Digital Chocolate. In this Galaxy Life game guide you’ll learn how to play this game and setup your base as well as take missions in the game. Galaxy Life uses cute cartoon style characters in a space based setting. You need to protect your base in the game, build structures, and train army units for battle.

Galaxy Life Resources

On your map are several different resources you’ll collect to help your new base grow. You’ll need to build houses so you can collect coins. Go to the build menu and select a house to build in your base. A worker will create the house for you and then you can collect some coins from it as well as a bank to hold any extra coins you might have. Build a mineral mine to start collecting minerals and a silo to hold extra minerals. You can also gain coins and other items by clearing up the debris from around your base. You’ll find rocks, craters, and various plants to clear which is accomplished with the aid of one of your workers. You can gain more workers by accomplishing various tasks. Click the worker icon at the top of the screen to find out the parts you need to get more workers to aid in your resource collection efforts.

Your Army

Galaxy Life

The game features a number of different army units and your soldiers are called “Starlings.”  You’ll need a basic warp gate and a training camp to make your first soldiers. Then training camp allows for the construction of foot soldiers such as the marine, looter, flamethrower, bazooka and other infantry style units. With a factory you can begin to produce tanks, and with the starport, make flying attack units.

 With the laboratory you’ll improve the overall effectiveness of your troops in battle, but these buildings are quite expensive and you won’t need it in the early game. Once you have a good sized army you’ll be set to take missions and fight on the game map. To unlock different units you’ll need to collect minerals and have enough coins to get the new unit.

Galaxy Map

Galaxy Life System View

On the galaxy map you can set forth your new army against either NPC armies or other Facebook players. You can conduct a spy mission to view the player’s base before deciding to send your troops for an assault. You’ll face a tough challenge from some of the NPC armies so it’s best to wait until you have a decent army before wasting your troops against the powerful turrets you’ll encounter at enemy bases. You’ll have better success early on by attacking other game players for some loot to help your base grow quickly. Build looter units to take resources but be sure to have other units to back them up because they are quite weak in the game.


To the left of the game screen you’ll find a number of game quests. These will peer periodically as you play so it’s to your advantage to complete the quests to advance your base as well as get some nice rewards for completing the task.

Protecting Your Base

The game features a number of turrets and wall structures you can use to protect your base from attacks. Start with a basic cannon blast turret and then move up to the powerful sniper tower, laser tower, missile launcher, motor, and other defensive buildings. Build walls and defensive bunkers and traps to further protect your base from your enemies. Use walls and turrets as traps to bottle your enemies in so they can’t destroy your resource buildings.

Enjoy Galaxy Life

This game is quite new and there will be more building options, units and other things coming soon. This is a very enjoyable game and well worth playing on Facebook if you like war style games.

Galaxy Life Screenshots

Galaxy Life Zoomed OutCredit: AuthorGalaxy Life Galaxy ScreenCredit: Author image