Getting the Most Out of Your Galaxy S3 Battery

When I first started using my Galaxy S3, I was surprised the battery drained as quickly as it did. I would have to charge my battery by lunch time at work. With a few minor tweaks and upgrades, I can comfortably use my Android phone for several days. I stream music, geocache, and surf the web without worrying about my phone dying.

1. Increase battery life by getting a bigger battery

One of the great features of the Galaxy S3, is that the battery can be upgraded. I purchased an extended battery from Hyperion, which doubles the battery capacity.

With no more tweaks to your phone, imagine your current battery life and double it. The battery comes with an extended case that replaces the back cover of your phone (they sell white and blue). I find that my phone is actually easier to hold. Note that if you have an external case, it will not work with the new backing. Hyperion sells external cases too. The one I purchased works just fine and was not expensive.

2. Use Juice Defender

Juice Defender is one of the best battery saving apps out there, and they have a free version. I've purchased the paid version (between 2 and 5 bucks) because I'm more aggressive with my battery life. My wife uses the free version and it works well for her. Juice Defender is not a task killer. Instead, it limits when Wi-Fi, and 4G is turned on. This does NOT stop you from getting phone calls or text messages. If you want to have more control over when communication is allowed, then check out the paid options. I would recommend using the free version for a while first just to get a feel for the app.

3. Turn on Power Saving Mode

This is directly under the Setting menu. Power Saving mode limits the CPU (the phones little brain/computer) from operating at full power. If you’re a heavy gamer, this is not your best option. Like I said previously, I geocache, stream music, and surf the web on my phone and I've never had an issue. The Power Saving mode also limits screen brightness, background color in some apps (changed to black), and haptic feedback (vibrative key presses. Each of these options can be selected individually.

 4. Turn off the weather widget and weather on the home screen.

I was surprised at the immediate results this tweak did. Sure, it's a little frustrating not to use features offered on the phone, but I know if it's raining outside. Having the weather always on my home screen was a little redundant. The home screen weather function can be turned off by going to Settings > Lock Screen > Lock Screen Options > Weather > Off. Any weather widgets can be turned off by tapping and holding the widget until the trash can icon appears. The widget can simply be dragged to the trash can icon.

 5. Use a static background

The live wallpapers are awesome and fun to use. They also drain battery life. I've switched to a static background and have seen better battery performance. With such a nice screen and a high resolution static background, I haven't missed my live backgrounds.


The options above can be used as desired and tailored to fit your lifestyle. Since I'm usually on the go, I use all of them. Yesterday morning my phone was at 100%. I spend yesterday out of town for Christmas, geocached with relatives, surfed the web, listened to music, and 26 hours later without any charging, I'm at 61% battery. Hope this helps!


Galaxy S3 Extended Battery LifeCredit: Self-taken Screen Capture