Gallery Elena Shchukina is one of London's newest and most exciting art galleries. The latest exhibition, entitled Autumn Bliss, features twenty-five paintings by prominent Japanese artist Kyosuke Tchinai and eleven beautiful sculptures by Katusha Ostroumoff Bull.

Why Does Some Art Appeal, and Some Not?

I spend my life trotting from one gallery to the next reviewing art exhibitions. Not all the art I see actually appeals to me. Why some art does appeal, and some not, I just don't know, but as time goes by I find myself drawn more and more by Japanese art, and this is one exhibition shall remember for a very long time.

Autour du Chrysantheme, Kyosuke Tchinai

Kyosuke Tchinai, Autour du Chrysanthème
Credit: © Kyosuke Tchinai and Gallery Elena Shchukina

Japanese Afternoon Tea - An Unexpected Treat

This is the first time I've come across Kyosuke Tchinai and Katusha Ostroumoff Bull, and the occasion was made all the more memorable because the gallery served Japanese traditional afternoon tea. So as we wondered around Gallery Elena we enjoyed some delicious Japanese delicacies.

Gallery Elena Shchukina

Gallery Elena Shchukina, established in 2013, is a particularly relaxed but immersive exhibition space. Elena prefers an informal setting where everything from furniture and furnishings right through to the lighting has been individually selected to complement the art on display. The setting she has created for this exhibition reflects the unique mix of Japanese traditions and western ideas shown in the twenty-five paintings being displayed.

Kyosuke Tchinai

Tchinai brings together traditional Japanese styles and elements of western culture using brilliant colours and great swathes of gold and titanium leaf as well as coloured tissues. Beautiful girls pose in colourful kimonos, butterflies flutter, and highly detailed luxuriant plants reveal even the faintest lines of the leaf and every stamen of the blossom. They appear to hover between two separate worlds: the real world and the world of our imaginations. 

Born in Namikata Ohchi in 1948, Tchinai studied at Tokyo's National University of Fine Arts and Music. Since then his work has appeared in several exhibitions across Japan, including the Nakata Museum in 2003 and the Ehime Fine Arts Museum in 2007. 

Tchinai is highly regarded in France, having enjoyed several very successful exhibitions at Galerie Taménaga. Many public institutions and private collectors hold examples of his works. Autumn Bliss is his debut exhibition in the UK. How will British art enthusiasts receive his work? How will his London experience influence his future work? That's something we can only guess at. 

Apart from creating the stunning paintings you see in this exhibition, Tchinai has also illustrated a children’s book entitled Les chants de ma naissance, written by the renowned trumpet player, Toshinori Kondo.


Gallaxie II by Kyosuke Tchinai

Kyosuke Tchinai, Galaxie II
Credit: © Kyosuke Tchinai and Gallery Elena Shchukina

Katusha Ostroumoff Bull

Since graduating as a mature student from Heatherley School of Fine Art, Chelsea, Katusha Ostroumoff Bull has enjoyed a rapid rise to prominence. Her work is recognised internationally and fine examples are already prized by major collections across the world. She became an Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2005, and has been a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen since 2012. 

Before making the decision to become a full-time sculptor in 2002, Katusha worked as a nurse, a ski patroller and instructor, a cook, a real estate agent, a dressmaker, and last, but certainly not least, Katusha is a mother. This wide variety of life skills and experiences is reflected in her work which is both sensual and captivating with a somewhat illusive quality. Her bold and colourful sculptures seem to change with the lighting conditions as the day moves from morning sunlight to evening twilight.


Excelsior by Katusha Ostroumoff Bull

Katusha Ostroumoff Bull, Excelsior, Patagonian Blue Onix
Credit: Image by Frances Spiegel with permission from Gallery Elena Shchukina

Visit the Exhibition

Autumn Bliss: Kyosuke Tchinai will be open from 22nd November 2013 to 25th January 2014. Further details can be obtained from Gallery Elena Shchukina.

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