Galley kitchens can seem like a huge design challenge. In the era of open floor plans and over the top spaces it might seem unfair when you have to work with a space that is roughly the shape of a hallway. However, in a lot of older homes and small spaces found in city apartments and condos this is the reality. Here are a few galley kitchen ideas that will have you loving that small space in no time.

Open up the space if at all possible. This is one of the biggest renovations to a galley kitchen. You might be able to take down a wall and that will give you more of a modern open floor plan look. Of course, this all depends on the structure and your budget so it's not as easy as just bringing out a sledge hammer. However, if it's possible it will make a big difference. You'll be able to get all the sunlight from the other room and you can even create a breakfast bar and island. The only downside is that you'll lose your upper cabinet space but it might be worth the sacrifice.

Galley Kitchen

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Build up if you can't build out. A lot of the older kitchen cabinets from a few decades ago had a little plant shelf on top. If you are replacing your cabinets then go with ones that extend all the way to the ceiling. This will make your room feel taller because it's not breaking up the lines of the space. The other added advantage is that you'll get more storage space; although it can be hard to reach. You might want to include a small step stool in your design and then just put the china or appliances that you rarely use on the top shelves.

Maximize your budget. You might be sad about the fate of your small kitchen. However, you can also see the positives that will really help out in your design process. When you work in a small space it generally means you spend less money because there just isn't that much square footage. This allows you to go with higher end items for more of luxurious feel. This way your room will feel like a jewel box. Fill it with your favorite stainless steel appliances and luxurious stone countertops. This means that you'll love the materials and colors of your space even if you don't love the square footage. You won't feel deprived.

Galley Kitchen Ideas

Plus, it can really help your financial situation to turn the house you have into your dream house even if it's just a mini version. This means that you won't constantly be delaying all of the things you want until you get a bigger house. You might even find that a bigger house isn't necessary if you love the design of your current space.


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Color can also really help with the actual visual look of the space. Create a seamless kind of design just by painting the walls, ceiling, and cupboards the same color. Usually this would just be a simple white tone or try different shades of brown although none of them should be dark. Monochromatic is definately the look that you should go with.

Galley Kitchens

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Galley kitchen ideas are only limited by your imagination. Instead of just focusing in on all the things that you dislike about your room try to find the positives. This will allow you to see your space as a useable area and open you up to improvement. Plus, it's just less area that you have to clean.