Gambling At The Casino-Using The Odds To Win

What if I told you there was a way to make money at every visit to the casino, guaranteed? Well, unfortunately that is not what I am going to tell you; however, I am going to tell you that there are ways that allow you to have a better chance at winning than others. Every single game in a casino has odds that are associated with it; it is up to you to use those odds to your advantage and give yourself a better chance of winning! I am not saying by any means that this information will allow you to walk out of the casino with more money than you came with every single time; but if you use the odds provided in this article, along with your own personal skills, you stand the best chance at leaving the casino with a profit. This article will provide you with the crucial information on the casino's most popular games, so that you can use the odds to favour your profit.


This game is probably the least common to find in small casinos. The reason behind this is that there is no favour toward the house, it is a simple 50/50 chance for both the player and the house. Larger casinos can afford to have active war tables around the area because they make more than enough profit from the other machines and tables, so the war table is merely to attract customers and keep them playing the other games; however, a small casino (such as ones found in vacation resorts) rarely possess these tables because they end up wasting money for employee wages to cover the table, and do not receive any guaranteed income to from the table to cover these wages. What do these odds translate to in regards to your ability to profit from the casino? Considering that this game requires absolutely no skill or knowledge on the player's part, it provides them with nearly the best odds that they can receive. The only downside to this game is that you are placing your ability to profit on absolute chance; however, if that is the route that you wish to take, war is one of the best games to play.


Roulette can be a game that has amazing odds for a small payout, or horrible odds for a humongous payout depending on what way it is played. Virtually everybody plays this game different depending on their risk tolerance and profit goal; however, these tips will hold true no matter which way you choose to play. For those with a low risk tolerance and a goal of a small profit, the 66% chance to win 300% method will work best for you. The roulette wheel and board is divided into 3 sections; each section will pay 3 to 1 if you were to bet on it. Imagine now that you have 2 $5 chips in your hand and you walk over to the roulette wheel; you place each $5 chip on a section of a third of the board. Each of those sections has a 33% chance of being landed on, and will pay 3 to 1; meaning that you have a 66% chance of turning those 2 $5 chips into 3 $5 chips. This method is definitely not fool-proof because it still relies greatly on chance; however, according to the odds you should have made a small profit if you consistently place those 2 chips on two thirds of the board.

For those of you that enjoy a little risk and love a huge payout, the single number method is best for you. The chances of your number getting landed on is 1 in 38 and the payout is 35:1, so the odds are definitely not in your favour; however, if you get lucky and your number gets landed on within the first 35 tries, you will have made a small to large profit. I would not recommend this as a consistent method unless you have incredible skill seeing patterns and have been studying the numbers that the roulette wheel has landed on for hours; however, if you are feeling lucky and want to try your luck, go for it!

Poker And Blackjack

The profit that you may acquire from these games comes partly from skill and partly from chance. The chance portion can basically be broken down into the cards that fall into your and your opponents hands; whereas, the skill portion can be broken down into what you do with those cards. If you are a poker or blackjack shark then I definitely recommend these games to turn over a profit because you have the more control over the outcome of these games than any other. Blackjack can be played in a casino setting by a rookie because you are only facing up against the dealer and the other players are not opponents to you; however, I definitely do not recommend playing poker in a casino setting unless you are an experienced player because most of the other opponents that take a seat at that table have probably been playing for years. Poker is definitely a competitive game, and unlike blackjack where the other players are your friends, poker's opponents' only goal is to take as much of your money as they can! If you are a skilled player I definitely recommend trying your luck in these games; however, if you are a rookie I recommend watching other experienced players or learning more about the games before you try to turn over a profit from them.

Slot Machines

These are probably the worst things to rely on for a profit as they are completely computer controlled to only give out winnings after they have made a certain amount of money. Inside every slot machine is a computer that regulates how much of the total amount deposited to give back to players. For instance, if the computer in a slot machine is set to 98%, then for every 100 dollars that it receives it will only give back $98 to the players. With that being said, of course it is possible to make a profit from slot machines; however, I definitely wouldn't rely on it. There is an added entertainment bonus to them as they probably provide most individuals with much more entertainment with those spinning wheels, lights, and sounds than a game of war. If your goal is to spend your money at the casino and have a great time, than by all means I fully recommend the slot machines; however, for a profit gaining goal, they are not your best bet!

A visit to the casino is a game of ups and downs until you have decided to stop; the goal of this article is to create a situation in which the ups of your money can outweigh the downs, ultimately turning over a profit. Using the tips and knowledge listed above you should have no problem creating odds that are in your favour, which should eventually ensure that you leave there with more money than you entered with (and I don't mean by going to the ATM machine and withdrawing another $200). Use them to your advantage, and bet wisely.