GDS opening


  • Games are made at a fast pace so you never feel like you have to wait too long
  • Easy to learn but tough to master
  • Takes jabs at the video game industry
  • Good for being able to go through the game in short bursts since its on the iDevices
  • Retro but not out of date graphics
  • Streamlined menus
  • Cheap compared to amount of time you get out of it
  • Addicting


  • Addicting
  • Not a whole lot of information about the game within the game
  • Seems like 20% of the screen is never used

Full Review

Game Dev Story for the iPhone and iPad is a time management game where you, "Manage your own game company and try to create a million-selling game in this unique simulation." Just like that excerpt for the Apple App Store says it is a simulation of what it would be like to run your very own video game company.

Format: iPhone
Price: $ 3.99
Publisher: Kairosoft
Developer: Kairosoft

When you start up the game you will notice that the graphics are reminiscent of the 16-bit era of video games which is one of the few jokes this game makes about the video game industry. You start out in a small studio with only a few workers and enough cash for some small PC games to gain some more cash to go out and train your workers or make your games better.

Each game that is created in the game is broken up into four different categories: Fun, Creativity, Graphics, and Sound. When creating a game you want each of these to be as high as possible to get better scores for the game that was created. To get better scores on the games your workers need to have somewhat good stats in each of those four categories as well. Coders are good at creating fun in a game while an artist is good for creating graphics. The employees can also add to other categories that they might not be as good in, but you would be better off having a specialty employee doing your different tasks. Just in case one of your employees does not seem to have enough skill in creating sound for your game you can also hire out to have some musician create music for the project although it will cost you money.

This game really shines though in its pace of play as you never feel like there is a dull moment to not do anything yet you do not ever feel rushed do be switching between menus and such. When designing an actual game you pick its type and genre and go from there. Some types of games can be: pirate, animal, robot, ninja, and even historical. While the genre types are: simulation, sim RPG, action, adventure, shooter, puzzle, and education. There is many more of each type which can be unlocked throughout the game by training your staff. Your goal with selecting a game type would be to pick something that will sell well. Ninja and Action game seem to do well while a Trivia game about Ninjas probably would not sell very well. Once you have made a game you need to get it out on the market and you can advertise on certain mediums ranging from a magazine ad to doing lunar writing to get more people interested in your games. Also you can have your CEO visit the video game trade show once a year to advertise that way. Once you have enough money after making a ton of games and you unlock the software engineer employee you can even develop your own video game system to compete out on the market as well as designing the hit game for it.

One of the things I appreciate in this game is that it seems to be taking shots at the video game industry itself. The video game systems are copies of real world systems such as the Senga Exodus is a play on the Sega Genesis and anything made by Intendro (you should be able to guess that) looks amazingly like its real world counterpart. The video game trade show in this game is a play on the popular E3 show as well as the employees having names that play off real world people.

In Closing

Overall this game is a great app for the iDevices and one that will suck away your time if you are not careful. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes a good time management game as well as anyone interested in game development. Since it is such a cheap game for how much playability it has I think it is a must have and one that is a blast to play on the fly Score: 9/10