Game of ThronesCredit: Cyanide Studio, cc-by-sa-3.0, via wikimedia commons

Creators : David Benioff, D.B. Weiss 

Certificate: TV-MA

Stars: Sean Bean, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage

The article will contain spoilers, but not from the books as I haven't read them yet, and only from the first season.


Game of thrones is one of the most hyped shows on Tv right now. Based on a series of books by George RR Martin, The Songs of Ice and Fire. The season is easily one of the best seasons I have ever seen. The show is badass, violent, and I couldn't even keep count of how many times the show pulled the rug from under my feet, just to leave me baffled with the show's turn of events. 


In a season of ten episodes, the first three episodes set up the foundation pretty well. The real action starts four episodes in. The fight scenes are brilliantly done, and with a constant reminder that fighting with honor, while a good thing, can bring people down. The Game of thrones is full of conspiracies, and there are incredible no. of contenders to the Iron throne.


The show tells us a million times that the winter is coming, and if things are so bad during the summertime, we could only imagine what winter would be like.


There are many episodes where some of the characters are absent for the entirety of the episode. Certainly not the norm, but there are so many characters that even if some mysteriously disappear in an episode, it just means devoting more time to other characters.


The show is also very violent, and beheading is very common. Don't think it is the end though, you will also see tongues being propped out of a guy, and a girl eating Horse's heart (ugh!). 


It also has a ton of graphic nudity, both male, and female. To be honest some scenes with nudity do seem pointless, some of them are essential to the story line, and just cannot be toned down.


There are two major twists in the season that reaffirm two things:


  • The Show will consist of Supernatural Elements
  • The Show can do anything, even kill one of its central characters.

Frankly, I actually saw the second twist coming, but I was still left staring at the screen, contemplating the effects of what just happened. 

I cannot wait to watch season 2, from what I have heard it is even better!!! 


Plot Summary


Saying Game of Thrones has many characters will be an understatement. An understatement bigger in proportions than  Eddard (Sean Bean) 'Ned' Stark's honor, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of North.


He has five legitimate children- Robb, Arya, Bran, Sansa and Rickon with his wife Catelyn, and a bastard son called Jon Snow.


Ned's wife's sister's husband John Arryan who was also the hand of the king, dies in the most suspicious of circumstances. King Robert Baratheon visits Ned at Winterfall, asks him to be his hand at the King's landing. 


He thinks they should join their houses, and Joffrey, Robert's son should marry Ned's daughter Sansa.

 Robert and Ned are excellent friends, and they fought the war together against the Targaryen "Mad King". Robert was about to marry Ned's sister, but the Targaryen King murdered her.


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The Wall

The Wall usually has recruits mostly consisting of criminals, as they are given a choice between the Wall and prison. Jon Snow, however, is there by choice. He feels alone and because of his bastard tag, he thinks the Nights Watch is the place for him.

The Wall watches the kingdom against creatures from other side of the wall. Night Watchers have to vow never to get married, never take up any land. Also the punishment for desertion is death.

The corpse of the previous watchers are coming alive, and Ned saves his commander Lord Mormont's life. The White Walkers weren't gone, they were just sleeping for 1000 years. The only thing that could harm them is fire.

As the events in the King's landing lead to Ned's imprisonment, Jon thinks of leaving the wall to help his brother Rob, who is coming south to fight the Lannisters. He goes out, but comes back as he  his friends at the wall are able to persuade him.

Lannister Storyline

Tywin Lannister is the head of the family. He is the lord of the Castely Rock, warden of the West. He has three children: Tyrion, Jamie and Cersei. Jamie and Cersei are twins.

The saying is that the Lannisters always pay their debts.

 The Lannisters are one of the richest family in the seven kingdoms. Jamie was the hand of the Mad king, before Jamie killed him. The Queen is from the house of Lannisters, but Robert still couldn't forget Ned's sister, and their relationship is not going well.

The Queen of the seven Kingdoms, meanwhile has a deeper secret, she is sleeping with her twin! All the Robert's children are actually Jamie's.


Bran, Ned's son, sees them together, so Jamie pushes him from a ledge. The fall doesn't kill him, but cripples him, and he loses his memory.


 When an assassin comes to finish Bran, the dagger found belongs to Tyrion. In a rage of fury, Catlin takes him as a prisoner to her sister's castle where Tyron is able to escape via a trial by combat, thanks to Bronn, one of the people who captured him.

Jamie attacks Ned, but fails to finish him. The Queen meanwhile hatches a new plan to make Joffrey the king when she knows Ned knows her secret.

Stark Storyline

Ned meanwhile takes his daughters with him to the King's landing. Littlefinger, a man who had a crush on Catlin, promises to help Ned uncover the truth behind John Arryn to save the king. 


ThroneCredit: Peter & Joyce Grace , cc-by-2.0, via wikimedia commons

Ned tries to retrace John's footsteps and finds out he was finding King Robert's bastard sons. He reads the book he read before his untimely death. He slowly learns that things are not as they seem.


He stumbles upon the big secret of the Lannistors- Joffery isn't Robert's son. He is the bastard of the incestious relations between Jamie and Cersie. He foolishly tells Cersie that he knows her secret, so as to show mercy on her children.

King Robert wants to murder Danny and her child, as he fears one day her son will grow on to become a threat to the Realm.

 When King Robert is on his deathbed because of a hunting "accident," he writes a letter to the council that his son Joffrey will succeed him, but Ned changes the wording to true heir. He also has a change of heart about killing Dany, but it is too late.


He sends a letter to Stannis Baratheon, the next in line, fearing that the Queen will proclaim  her son Joffrey as the king . Littlefinger promises him that the watch guards will be on his command.


Ned doesn't bend his knee for King Joffrey, and he declares that Joffrey isn't the true heir. Littlefinger, however, double crosses him, and he gets thrown in the jail for treason.

Arya escapes the castle, while Sansa is still about to marry Joffrey, who is clearly drunk with power. 

His elder son Rob, begins to march towards the south along with twenty thousand men to free his father and to protect his two sisters.They send only 2,000 men to the Lannister camp, and while they are kept busy, they kidnap Jamie.

Twist No. 1

Eddard Stark gets thrown into a cell for treason. Sansa begs for mercy for her father and Joffrey says if he would confess to his "crimes" and proclaim Joffrey as the true heir, he would grant him mercy.

Ned doesn't pay much heed to it, but when he thinks about the well-being of his daughters, for once he is ready to keep his honor at bay. He confesses to treason, but very surprisingly Joffrey orders to behead him.


And Just like that, nine Episodes in, the main central character (played with brilliance by Sean Bean) gets killed off. This is a true testament to one fact: Game of Thrones is not your average TV Show. 


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Targaryen Storyline

Viserys Targaryen is one of the last few Targaryens left, and to gain his lost throne, he makes a deal with the leader of the Dathrakis, that they will give him the forces in exchange for her sister Daenyris.


HouseCredit: Keith McDuffee, cc-by-2.0, via wikimedia commons


The Dathraki's leader Khal Drogo marries his sister which makes her a Khaleesi or the Queen. Danny gradually becomes assimilated with the Dathraki culture. She is also helped by Jorah who is from her land, and he explains to her all the Dathraki customs along the way.


Meanwhile, Dany becomes pregnant with Drogo's child and the prediction is that he will mount the world. 

Dathrakis do not dare to cross the narrow sea, and her sister's going reputation as Khalisee doesn't really suit Viserys. In an act of immaturity, he threatens to kill Dany and her baby if the Dathraki didn't help him to get the golden crown. Things get too literal for him when they pour molten gold on his head to give him the Golden Crown. Also, his death confirmed that he wasn't a true dragon as Dragons could not be harmed by fire.


When one of the King Robert's man attempts to poison Dany, Drogo vows to win the Seven Kingdoms and to win the Iron Throne, the first Khal to do so, as the Dathrakis believe they have to cross the poisonous water.


When the Dathraki begin their rampage, they burn down everything that comes their way. When Khaleesi saves a few women, one of his own men challenges him. The fight injures Drogo.


One of the women which Dany saved offers to help. The Infection grows and Drogo eventually dies. To bring him back, the lady offers blood magic, but things get out of hand and Dany loses her child, and Khal Drogo remains lifeless.

Twist No. 2

Dany ties the woman she saved to the cremation site and burns the body of Drogo. She enters the fire. Her clothes burn, but like a dragon, the fire doesn't harm her. But, the most surprising things were the three dragons protruding from her!


Her eyes had looked like the most determined eyes you would ever see. Comparing from the first episode when She was a scared child, Dany surely had a LOT of character development in just one season. Since she has Dragons coming out of her body parts, there is every reason for the rulers of the seven kingdoms to worry.


Dany is now a very serious player in the Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Season 1 cerande 2013-08-16 4.5 0 5

Game of thrones is something very special. The IMDB rating of 9.4 should suggest you that it is one of the top shows on Tv right now. The universe of the show is so deep; it is hardly believable that it all came from the mind of one person. 

Highly Recommended.

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