Game Review: Resident Evil Series

Everyone knows the infamous "Resident Evil" movie series. It seems that every year a new movie comes out in theaters. However, the predecessor for the films is the Resident Evil video game! Over the years, gamers have become attached to the main characters in the game. The first decade of the 21st century have seen an explosive interest in vampires and zombies. From "Twilight" to "True Blood," people can't get enough of the monsters. If you have grown up playing "Resident Evil," you are really going to appreciate the newest game release, whether you play the computer version, Xbox or Nintendo DS format.

Nintendo DS has become extremely popular. It's portable, comes in different colors, and can even connect to the Internet so you can play with friends. Young children can figure out how to play it and older people enjoy the portability factor. Resident Evil is available on DS Lite or the regular version.

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For some reason, the zombie market for video games is huge. Players love the squeamish factor of the living dead who feast on human flesh. The series "Resident Evil" was, and still is, an incredibly popular games series. Starting with the very first game, released in 1996, gamers were hooked on the blood and gore. Called "Biohazard" in Japan, it was originally meant for the PlayStation, but then spread to the computer and Sega console. Now it's available in a wide variety of formats, including the Nintendo DS.

The main character of the game is a law enforcement officer who has to fight off zombies in a mansion while finding a way out. Users love the 3D graphics and strategy elements. In order to escape the mansion, the hero must solve puzzles and find objects to help him. It's really a strategy game because the player must conserve energy and protect himself from harm. There are few weapons with which to kill zombies.

This game is definitely a "thinker" type of horror genre. Not only do you have to combat flesh-eating zombies that attack from all angles, but you have to solve the puzzles in time. Most of the game's popularity stems from its fear factor. It has been called one of the "scariest games of all time" by the game reviewer GameSpot. Resident Evil has spawned many sequels - the latest is the fifth in the series.

The horror genre is not going away anytime soon. No video game collection is complete without at least one game from the Resident Evil series, and it doesn't matter what kind of console you have, because the game is available in almost every format.