Freefall Tournament (often called Freefall) is a free sci-fi third-person shooter game for your browser. It's one of the most popular browser-based games there are, so in this article I will be giving my review of the game.

One of the things I like most about Freefall is that there are eight different classes to chose from, each with their own unique skills and weapons. You can buy a class (using either real money or in-game money) and then upgrade that class. My favorite classes are Assassin, Tech, and Blazer. I particularly like playing as Assassin because he has the ability to be invisible. No matter what class you are, everyone has a jet-pack.

The game is also very fast. It takes just seconds to load, and runs very well, even on old computers. The graphics are quite nice looking. The lighting is simple baked lighting (meaning, no real-time shadows), and the animations aren't very realistic, but it looks good nevertheless.

There are three different maps you can play: Shuttle Bay, Moon Base, or Training Arena. They are all good maps, but my personal favorite is Shuttle Bay. Shuttle Bay is the smallest map of the three, which is one of the reasons I like it. In the larger maps, especially Training Arena, you spend most of your time just looking for enemies, so it's not as exciting as the smaller maps.

Technically, Freefall is still in Beta. Though it is a full-featured game, you may occasionally experience a bug or some kind of glitch, but it is pretty rare. One other thing players sometimes complain about is the long re-spawn times. In most shooter games, you can re-spawn in three or five seconds. In my experience playing the game, there have been some times that I've had to wait up to twenty-five seconds. Other times I have re-spawned in a second or two.

Overall, Freefall Tournament is a fun game, and I enjoy playing it, and I think you will too.