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HBO Sunday April 6th, 2014

Does it even need to be said?  ****SPOILERS BELOW****

Season 4 of the breakout series A Game of Thrones draws near.  Did your little birds cue you in to subtle plot details that will give you a leg up at the water cooler? 

If you've read all the books, you know that the show can't quite dedicate as much time to the plots within plots that go on in this magnificent story.  Let's get right down to it.  The biggest developments from seasons 1, 2 and 3 that will be a factor in season 4.  I'll be sure to point out some interesting morsels that you can only get if you read the books.


Tyrion's Fiery Relationship with Tywin

tyrion lannister season 4

Last season, Tywin revealed that he really, really wanted to leave his deformed son to be swept away by a rising tide.  He instead chose to allow him to live, solely because he carries the name "Lannister."  Although we never meet her, Joanna Lannister (Tywin's wife and Tyrion's mother) is often described as a beautiful, intelligent woman who had the respect of many.  It has also been said that Aerys Targaryen, the "Mad King" desired her and was envious of Tywin because of it.  Good thing Jaime shoved a sword in his back.

Joanna perished giving birth to Tyrion, which seems to drive Tywin mad at times.  No matter what Tyrion does, even winning a damn war (season 2), Tywin refuses to raise him to the level of respect he deserves.

Tyrion recalls in season 1 that he had once loved a young woman that he encountered while traveling with Jaime.  Tywin firmly believes that Tyrion's love of prostitutes came from this encounter, although Jaime seems to deny this. The true story affects Jaime and Tyrion deeply, but draws them closer.  Tywin never hesitates to remind Tyrion of his whoring ways.  Will this relationship become explosive in season 4?


Tyrion Dispatches Myrcella "Baratheon" to Dorne

myrcella baratheon

Tyrion loves to play the game of thrones, moving pawns and making deals while everyone else gets annihilated on brown ale and wine.  You may recall that Joffery and Tommen have a blonde-haired sister, Myrcella.  She used to hang around with the other children until one day Tyrion snatched her and put her on a boat to Dorne.  For those who haven't read the book, Dorne is the Southernmost kingdom ruled by House Martell, a family that has not yet been represented on the show.  What will come of this, I wonder...


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Jaime's Behavior has Actually Made Sense All Along

jaime lannister season 4

Yes, he threw Bran out of a window in an attempt to kill him.  This was actually an extremely devious way for George R.R. Martin to get you to hate him right away.  He's the Kingslayer, despised by all, a man with no honor.  The books treat this moment exactly as it appears in the show.

But if you knew what this guy has been through, your entire perspective on his bitterness and arrogance floats toward the gray.  Forced into the Kingsguard at a young age, Jaime frequently had to watch the Mad King inflict unspeakably cruel acts upon his victims, most notably the horrific way in which Ned Stark's older brother and father were killed.  Ned seems to forget about this when he finds Jaime in the throne room, the Mad King a corpse. 

As a child, he became attracted to his sister but without any parental guidance he didn't truly know whether this behavior was normal or not.  He therefore fell in love, but then lost even this point of happiness when he was admitted to the Kingsguard, sworn into celibacy.  To deal with this painful experience, Jaime reveals that he learned to "go away inside."  His life has been an absolute hell.  He saved half a million lives, only to be hated for it.

His brother never untied a knot when he could slash it in two with his sword.

~ Tyrion's thoughts on Jaime

Now that Jaime lost his sword hand, he can no longer make brash decisions and try to solve everything through direct combat.  He is forced to use his wits, but we know the Lannisters do not fall short in this regard.


 Stannis Baratheon Seems to Understand the "Threat" Beyond the Wall

stannis baratheon season 4

Even the mighty Tywin, seasoned battle commander and protector of his family legacy, brushes off the dire warnings from the Night's Watch.  In his defense, it has been about eight thousand years since anything actually "happened," if the stories are true.  Remember, Old Nan of Winterfell used to talk about some appalling creatures that crawled forth from the uninhabited lands up north.

Stannis Baratheon however realizes that losing the war for King's Landing might have been a blessing in disguise.  Will the true war be fought in the cold, frigid wasteland beyond the wall?  The Night's Watch has devolved into a few poorly garrisoned castles full of thieves and rapists.  The eldest Baratheon ponders making the move of all moves - facing off with the "real" threat.  The wildling Osha, currently escorting Bran north, also shares this sentiment. 


"The Blackfish Escaped"

~ Roose Bolton

the blackfish game of thrones season 4

Gulp. Lord Bolton finds the flight of Brynden Tully to be of utter importance as the Freys mop up the Red Wedding.  What a perfect time to take a piss. This renowned Tully warrior and Stark ally snuck out just in time to avoid the massacre of his king's army.  Just look at that face.  Do you think he will let that slide?  Methinks this fish will take a few more pisses before his time is up.


The Reed Siblings May Have Learned Old Secrets from Their Father, Howland

jojen and meera reed

Jojen and Meera Reed seem to know an awful lot about Bran's "powers."  Their father's story is fantastic but shrouded in mystery.  If you haven't read about what happened with Ned Stark, Howland Reed, and the showdown at the Tower of Joy, research it at your leisure.  Ned claims that he would not be alive if not for Howland Reed, as their epic fight pitted them against some of the most formidable knights the kingdoms have ever seen. 

It will give you insight into what is probably the most popular trending theory of the whole series - who exactly is Jon Snow?  Was Ned really Jon's father?

That should keep you satiated for now.  Re-watch Season 3 with a new perspective as you search for tasty plot morsels.  While many people will download or watch Game of Thrones for free, why not support this epic series and pick it up on Blu-Ray? You are rewarded with a ton of extra features and can enjoy it in theater quality surround sound.

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