The Last Of Us is a survival-horror video game developed by Naughty Dog, exclusive for Sony PlayStation 3. With over 200 Game of the Year Awards, The Last Of Us is a must-play game. 

Released: June 14th, 2013

Platform: PS3, PS4 (remastered)

Genre: survival/horror/adventure


tlouCredit: IGN, WIKI


 In a post-infection apocalyptic world, The Last Of Us takes place in the United States, 20 years after the fungal spore based infection hit and spread across the world. The infection spreads to the hosts' brains, and takes over their mind turning them into deadly mutants known as the infected.

You play as Joel, a Texas born single father of 12 year old daughter Sarah. On the first night of the infection, Joel, brother Tommy, and Sarah try to escape the city but end up getting caught and Sarah is shot by a soldier and dies. 


Fast forward to 20 years later, Joel now resides in a quarantine zone in Boston along side friend, Tess. Hoping to retrieve stolen weapons, Joel and Tess search for the smugglers, but end up meeting Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies,  an anti-militia group that fight against the authorities and hope to find a cure for the infection. Marlene makes a promise to give Joel and Tess back the stolen weapons in return for smuggling 14 year old Ellie out of Boston, to a group of Fireflies outside the zone. 


Later they find out Ellie is infected, but only a carrier, meaning she is immune to the effects turning her into a mutant controlled by the infection. Knowing that his brother Tommy joined the Fireflies many years ago, Joel decides to take Ellie there, after finding out the Fireflies outside the city had already been killed by the military. Tess, after being bitten and knowing her fate, sacrifices herself to the military giving Joel and Ellie time to escape. 


We meet Bill, an old friend of Joel`s who owes him a favour, and in return get a truck to drive to Pittsburgh. Upon finding out that the city is taken over by bandits, we meet Henry and Sam, two brothers and escape the city. Though, Sam is bitten and becomes infected, so Henry shoots him and then himself. 

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In the fall, Joel and Ellie arrive at Tommy`s settlement, a fortified area by a hydroelectric power plant. Tommy tells Joel and Ellie about a Firefly group at the University of Eastern Colorado, and they travel there. Though, the university is abandoned and find out they have moved to Salt Lake City. Upon leaving, they are ambushed by bandits and Joel is impaled by a steel rod through his abdomen. 

Enter winter, you play as Ellie and hunt for food. After tracking a deer, Ellie finds herself being confronted by a man named David and his friend. They follow her back to her and Joel`s safehouse and kidnap her, intending to force her into their group of cannibals. Ellie resists and escapes, and fights David in a burning restaurant. Joel realizes Ellie is missing and sets out to find her. He finds her as she is killing David with a machete and consoles her. 


Spring. Joel and Ellie arrive in Salt Lake City and are captured by a couple of Firefly soldiers. Marlene informs Joel that Ellie is being prepared for surgery, to try to find a cure for the infection. Though, since the infection grows on the brain, the surgery will kill her. Joel wants her to live, so resists and fights his way to the surgery room and kills the doctors. He takes Ellie off the surgery table and escapes towards the exit. Marlene is at the bottom of the elevator in the parking garage and meets Joel, so he shoots Marlene to prevent the Fireflies from following him. 


On the drive away from the city, Joel lies to Ellie and tells her they stopped looking for a cure. When outside of Tommy`s settlement, Ellie, knowing the real truth, asks Joel to swear that what he said about the Fireflies is true, and he does. 



  The Last Of Us features third person shooter gameplay. You have access to many firearms and other weapons, melee combat, and stealth mode to avoid attacks and a good way to conserve ammunition, as this is a survival game where supplies are limited. 

Weapons include:

9mm pistol, revolver, shorty, el diablo (small guns)

hunting rifle, shotgun, flamethrower, bow and arrow, assault rifle (large guns/weapons)

molotovs, bricks and bottles, nail bomb, smoke bomb (throwing weapons/explosives)

shivs, planks, baseball bat, metal pipe, tomahawk, machete (melee weapons)


You are able to upgrade and improve weapons throughout the game at certain work stations lit by a lamp. Also, supplies are available to pick up anywhere in the game, in desks, cupboards, lockers, houses, etc. 

You play as Joel primarily, but for a short time play as Ellie (winter and end of game).

The AI is actually helpful, at least more so than in other games (Tess, Ellie, Bill, Tommy, Henry, Sam).

Depending on the difficulty, the harder you set it, the less supplies and ammo are available to pick up. This also includes more enemies and harder to kill enemies. If played on easy, you can set an auto-aim when shooting. 


 The Last Of Us offers a multiplayer gameplay known as Factions. You must be able to play online to play factions. 

You choose either the hunters or the Fireflies and there are three basic types of games. The most popular and basic is Supply Raid, in which you are placed onto a team and fight 4 vs. 4 until on team is left standing. 


Playing online can be fun, but I have experienced a connection loss a lot of the time while playing making my player to stop and I am not able to move around, basically letting the other team kill me. It is very annoying and I hope not a lot of people have to deal with this as I do, and I hope this issue will be fixed. 

My Thoughts

  Hands down, The Last Of Us is easily one of my favourite games of all time. The story written above does not do the real thing justice, you must play the game to experience it fully. It is honestly one of the most emotional and addicting story-lines I've ever played in a video game. You learn to know and become attached to the characters, and can really feel the emotion. The musical score is amazing, and really adds to the overall feel of the game. 


It takes a lot to make someone cry during a video game, but I have heard many who have playing The Last Of Us in just the opening scene when Joel's daughter dies. It is a very good game and typically I don't even like FPS or TPS games, but it has easily become one of my favourites. I would recommend this game to anybody who owns a PS3 (or PS4 now). 

The Last Of Us is definitely a game to have in your collection, 10/10.