What is Meez?

Understanding Meez Gaming

Meez is a 3D online social interaction game, one of many available on the Internet.  It is often used by the teenage crowd as a place to interact with others, play games, create avatars and more.

It is predominately United States focussed, with 90% of it's user base coming from there.  

Launched in 2006 Meez has a large user base, with over 3 million unique users taking part in one shape or form every month.  This means to find games like Meez we need to find

  • Popular games to allow wide social interaction
  • Games that allow games within itself
  • 3D Avatars
  • English based

Thankfully there are a wide range of games like Meez, many of which are free to play (though most have extras you can purchase).  Whether these games like Meez are better or not depends on the user, what their focus is, etc.  But here we have a collection of the top 3 games like Meez but better...

Second Life Review

Top 5 Games Like Meez But Better

A look at the top 5 games similar to Meez

  1. Second Life.  Probably the most popular games like Meez, Second Life is something of an industry all to itself.  In it you create a 3D Avatar, in the same way you do on Meez, and use it to interact with people.

    It is aimed at a much more 'adult' crows than Meez, and has all sorts of social interactions, games and the like going on.  You can have your own homes, meet and marry people (and many people have done so in real life as well as online) - you can even run a business.

    Be careful though, it is largely unregulated, so it's important that you know what you are letting yourself in for before going on, and any youngsters need to have their usage carefully moderated (they would be better off with sites aimed at youngsters anyway).

  2.  Habbo.  Formerly known as Habbo Hotel, Habbo is very much aimed at the teenage crowd, with all sorts of aspects to it - especially games and social interaction. 

    There is far more moderation than on Second Life, but it is still more adult than games like Moshi Monsters or Club Penguin.

    The major plus point for Habbo is how friendly people are and, thanks to it's 'clubs' functionality, how easy it is to find people with the same interests as you.

  3.  Gaia Online.  Bit of an odd one this, as it doesn't feature 3D avatar creation like the others.  But as it has many of the same features, such as online gaming, role-playing games, a huge amount of social interaction and more, it certainly fits under the 'Games Like Meez' category.

  4.  SmallWorlds.  Along with Habbo this is probably the best fit for people looking for games like Meez but better.  It allows 3D avatar creation, many mini games, social interaction, etc, etc.

    It has over 6 million registered users across a broad range of countries, 150 at last count.  

    Users can have their own homes, run their own business - they can even create art and sell it

    As it's so popular we have created our own 'Games Like SmallWorlds' section to complement this one.
  5.  Moove - a site that is available in German as well as English, and attracts a more European crowd.  It also, just likeMeez and co, allows 3D avatars to act as the user for social interaction, gaming and the like.  Certainly rising quickly in popularity thanks to it's ease of use.

Better Than Meez?

So which of these games like Meez are better?  Well there is no definitive answer!

So much of what we like is subjective it can be tough to call.  If you like Meez but want a more grown up feel then Second Life is best, but if you decide that you want more Role-Playing then Gaia is the right one for you.

Games like Meez but better are impossible to call as one person will have very different opinions to another.  But these 5 games should give you plenty to be going on with.