5 Games Like Skyrim

If you like Skyrim, you will love these games...

Skyrim is a hard game to measure up to. In the world of open world fantasy games, this game is new king of immersion. With a massive game world many times larger than popular series such as Grand Theft Auto, Skyrim is a game that is easy to start but nearly impossible to finish for even the most avid gamers. With hundreds of hours of quests available, there really is no central "mission" in the traditional sense of the word. You can take your character in any direction you want. Enough of that. Chances are, you already know all about Skyrim so in this page I will detail some other open world games similar to skyrim.

Fable III

Released in 2010, this Fable III might be showing its age, but it is still a worthy open world game with hours of gameplay available. Much like how Skyrim ties into a larger universe connected to the game's predecessors, Fable III is set in the fictional world of Albion which has been a constant throughout the series. This RPG allows players to impact the game in various ways. From developing attributes in both physical and magical capabilities, Fable also introduces moral decision making. This allows for the player to choose to be good, evil, or a mix of both.

Dragon Age II

This is another series that has become popular in recent years. Much like Skyrim, Dragon Age strongly features - you guessed it - dragons! However, the story is non linear, allowing you to accomplish tasks as you see fit. There is also a similar range of classes, allowing the player to explore the world as a mage or warrior (for example). While the game quite measure up to Skyrim in terms of immersion, it does deliver a unique and open ended style of play that will be familiar to players of Skyrim. There are definitely countless hours of gameplay that await the player.

Witcher II

This is another grand fantasy game that pits the player against fierce foes. Moral decision making is a central part of the game and the choices are rarely stark contrasts between good and evil. Even more important, these decisions can drastically impact the game. While winning some critical acclaim, it is still not as expansive or immersive as Skyrim or the Elder Scrolls series. That said, the world is still teeming with activity, quests to go on, and bosses to defeat.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

This is a slightly overlooked open world fantasy game that is widely popular among players. While not as commercially massive as the Skyrim launch, this game is an impressive addition to the genre. Players of Skyrim might think that there are similar aspects as the lead designer Ken Rolston played a leading role in developing the Elder Scrolls series (Morrowind and Oblivion). However, Kingdoms of Amalur is its own game with a distinct feel. It is perhaps as immersive as Skyrim, but with a very different feel. It is not trying to be Skyrim, while still filling the same RPG niche. Players of Fable will probably find this game more similar in style.

Dark Souls

This is probably the closest game to Skyrim in terms of pure immersion. It is much more hardcore dark fantasy in feel, with more traditional "bosses" to beat and a darker tone overall. But the world is simply massive with hundreds of hours of gameplay available. This is a different type of game with "souls" where the point is to die and come back. Dying is not the end of the game, but you can only save the game once. This means all of your actions have consequences. Piss off the wrong people and they will remain your enemy for the rest of the game. As you can imagine, this makes for a pretty unique game with lots of replayability.

Other Games to Consider

Some people include games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and the Fall Out series when discussing games similar to Skyrim. These are all fantastic open world games, but they are not in the fantasy setting necessary. Other games to consider are Far Cry 2 and Just Cause 2 also deserve mentions in this category as they feature truly massive open world environments and endless gamplay options.