Games to Play on Facebook

No matter what type of game genre you enjoy, Facebook is rapidly becoming a new way to enjoy simple fun games. You don’t need to pay for any subscriptions and the games for the most part are easy and enjoyable. There are always new Facebook games to try and you’ll find many of your friends want to play games on Facebook too.

New Facebook Games CastleVille

One of the newest games on Facebook is CastleVille by Zynga. In this game you develop your own medieval castle kingdom. The graphics in this game are well done and it has a pleasing theme. In CastleVille you can craft a wide variety of items and use wood or stone to complete buildings. The game features many different characters who give you quests as you play. Players will uncover areas of the map called “gloom” and fight various creatures. There’s even a coloring feature where you can change the look of various structures in the game. Players can also build walls, gates, and other castle related structures. The game features a huge marketplace where you can buy various items for your new kingdom such as roads, an archery target or cannon. There are numerous housing options in the game as well as many varied castle buildings such as a vault or barracks. CastleVille is well worth trying out and it’s one of Zynga’s best games to date.

CastleVille by Zynga

Farmville Great Facebook Games

One game that started the Facebook gaming craze is another title by Zynga called Farmville.  In this game you plant, raise crops, and harvest them. You have a huge selection of crops to grow as well as various fruit bearing trees to plant. The fun doesn’t stop there because you can also raise various animals and have babies. The game features  new sections such as the English Countryside and the Lighthouse Cove expansion areas that help to keep the game fresh and exciting for players. During holidays there are always special themes to help you decorate your farm. While Farmville is now a couple of years old and the graphics aren’t as good as newer titles it’s still one of the most popular Facebook games of all time.

Games To Play on Facebook Sims Social

One of the most popular game franchises of all time is The Sims. While all previous versions were available on the PC or consoles, you can now play a version on Facebook called the Sims Social. In this game you take your favorite sim characters and interact with other Facebook users. You can decorate your own housed with various rooms and decorations as well as train skills for your sim. There are plenty of different outfits for your sim and the developers are always adding new content to keep the game. As you play you’ll be given a wide variety of various quests to complete for rewards. The Sims Social is a fast rising game on Facebook and well worth a look if you enjoy the Sims style of gameplay and want something new to play on the social networking site.

Facebook Games: War Commander

Kixeye has developed a series of war-themed games and there newest release is War Commander. In this game you’ll get to build up your own war base complete with defensive turrets and walls. The game features many different units include infantry, tanks, and aircraft. There are even some mech style infantry units too. Players can attack NPC players or other Facebook game players. While the game is still new it’s already quite popular and the developer has already added new content to this game.

Facebook: Perfect For Casual Gamers

This is just a very short list of the number of games you can play on Facebook. You’ll find card games, rpgs, MMO games, sports titles, war games, dress up games, restaurant games, and many other fun titles. If you just want to spend a few minutes playing a game and don’t want to buy a full game try the social games on Facebook, they are worth checking out.