The Thrill of Hobbying

Everyone should have a hobby and experience the thrill spending time with that hobby, and that is what Games Workshop aims to accomplish. Some hobbyists collect coins, others paint F-22 model jets. Others might make pirate treasure chests, or hand-carved wooden chess pieces. A hobby can be just about anything you want! For some, painting miniatures and having massive wars with those same miniatures brings many people to war-game hobby Heaven! And spending hours, days, and even weeks gently painting incredible amounts of detail onto very small miniatures is certainly no cup of tea.

Learning a massive game that involves some serious thinking can be grueling and time consuming. But yet, the appeal to the hobbyist is great! However, the general gamer might be turned off to the amount of time involved with pseudo hobby-games. Not to mention the difficulty in finding local people who also want to spend hours painting and playing the game.

Fortunately, one company has stepped up to offer us a chance to learn how to paint miniatures, play the games, and meet others who play, while maintaining an outstanding stance on including everyone!

About Games Workshop

Games Workshop is a British gaming company that produces and sells miniatures in partnership with Citadel Miniatures. Founded in the 1970's, Games Workshop has progressed from selling wooden board games to publishing Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battle; both of which are miniature war-games.

In 2000, Games Workshop added the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game increasing their audience to include miniatures from the huge-grossing films. The company maintains over 350 of their own shops and sells through more than 3700 hobby shops, worldwide. Although their target audience is younger teenagers, Games Workshop has put in the effort to bring in people of all ages to play. Although constantly adding new armies, miniatures, and expansion books to the game, there is nothing new about good old fashioned customer service!

No matter what the product is, if a business invests in confident and enthusiastic individuals, more business will be reaped! Therefore, Games Workshop initiated a company-wide mission to hire and recruit great salesmen that will in turn, recruit new players to the hobby. Sounds like a great plan!

The Academy

Irregardless of the Games Workshop facility, you will be met with an experienced and enthusiastic salesmen. No matter what type of gamer you are or even if you are not into games at all, Games Workshop salesmen want you to feel absolutely 100% welcome to come into the store, browse the miniatures and learn about the game!

Most gaming stores have a stigma about them; almost an elitist view that gauges who is worthy enough to play a particular game or read a certain comic book. It all comes down to the quality of customer service!

Games Workshop breaks down that stigma barrier and offers everyone a chance to learn and play. Experience is irrelevant. And that is so important and refreshing for new comers to such a complex game. In an effort to create even more business, but also stick to their mission of recruiting fresh players, Games Workshop has created a set of training courses, called The Academy. If you are interested in checking out a Games Workshop, or even picking up a miniature start-up set, the Academy might be the best deal for you. Below are a list of reasons why you should consider joining The Academy:

1). 4 Scheduled Sessions to Learn: Experienced Games Workshop employees will meet with you at your own convenience to teach you step-by-step how to prep, prime, and paint your miniatures. As you progress through the courses, you'll learn more and more advanced techniques. The final course teaches you the basics of the game-play. Remember, if you sign up for the Academy, be prompt and follow the instructions of your mentor. Be respectful and enjoy your new hobby!

2). Ability To Meet Other Players: At the Academy, you'll be surrounded by supportive players. Games Workshop usually has open tables for players to come in and play for free. This mentality gives everyone a place to meet and greet other players and feel comfortable playing the game.

3). Free Guide To Painting Miniatures: For signing up, Games Workshop will give you a very detailed guide to painting your miniatures! The guide is very informative and includes step-by-step pictures for each technique. Whether you are dry-brushing or highlighting, this guide is invaluable! The guide would normally cost you roughly $25.

4). Free Paint And Tool Start-up Kit: You'll also receive a kit including several basic paint colors, clippers, and plastic glue. The kit certainly includes enough to get you started! List price at Games Workshop is $50.

5). The Cost: The Academy will cost you around $75. Though steep, remember that you are receiving over $75 dollars in free product and 4 training sessions with a Games Workshop expert! If you were going to buy the guide and paint kit separately, you would not be purchasing cost-efficiently.

6). The Bonus: So, you are a little sticker shocked at the price of the Academy. Don't fret any longer! Upon completion of your 4 sessions, Games Workshop will give you a free miniature set valued at $35 dollars! This benefit is a fair indication that Games Workshop values your business and wants you to keep coming back.

If you live near a major city, chances are there is a Games Workshop near-by. If you don't, don't feel left out. Games Workshop is expanding and hoping to open another 500 stores in the next 5 years. Or, visit your local game store and demand them to carry Warhammer miniatures! There's the hobbyist spirit!