You have prepared your house and everything is ready. Your friends are coming to stay over. All of a sudden, it dawn on you that you need to spend time with your guests and entertain your house guests. What are you going to do? How many times have you been worried about your friends being bored with you? How many times have you been bored with family visiting and you don't know what to do? There are a few games you can play with your house guests to keep everyone occupied and sane. When Guests are coming over to pay a visit, you don't have to spend a lot of money to entertain your house guests. Once they have eaten a good meal, they will often just want to talk or participate in some light entertainment. There are games you can play with your guests that ll be fun for all involved.

Entertain your house guests and Word games

There are a lot of word games you can invent without spending a dime in order to entertain your house guests. Here is a game you can play with the alphabet and enjoy with as many house guests as possible. The first person starts by choosing a category. For example, you start with a fruit.

First player: A for Apple

Second Player: B for Banana

You go on with the list until you get to Z. You then you can start again with another category and go through the alphabet again. You will have fun with this game because it gets complicated as soon as you start to go down the alphabet list. You will have house guests who will invent new words and try to defend their choice. That will only add to the excitement and will help you entertain your house guests. You can keep scores to add a little spice to the game. The main aim is not to win but to make sure you can easily entertain your house guests with this simple game.

Entertain your house guests with

Spelling GamesThis is another game that can be fun, educational and a great way to entertain your house guests. You need to make this as simple as possible. The idea is to use everyday words. This will keep it at everyone's level and get the game going and will keep your house guests entertained. There are many ways to play this game with your house guests. Here is one way.First player will start by saying to the next player, spell "Chicken". The player will have to spell "Chicken" without going back on any letter of making a mistake. If he gets it right, he scores and if he gets it wrong, he gets nothing. The player who has just spelt a word will get to choose another word that the next player has to spell. This educational game will entertain your house guests and will embarrass a few of them as well. You can make this game more difficult and more fun for your house guests by asking participants to spell the words backwards. This is more challenging but also very interesting and more damaging to your neurons.

Entertaining your house guests and Number Games

There are a lot of number games you can play in order to entertain your house guests. If you have children involved, there is nothing stopping you from inventing interesting games with numbers. So what number games will make it interesting and fun to entertain your house guests? Addition and subtraction and multiplication number games to entertain your house guestsThe first player will ask the second player to add, subtract and multiply in that particular order. Here is an example:

First player says: 2 + 2 – 4 * 5 (you should limit the numbers to 1 to 9)

The second player has to work it out without writing it down on paper. It is about mental calculations. The player asking the questions can repeat the numbers sequence twice. You could set a timer to add a little bit of adrenaline to the game and to make sure your house guests are fully entertained. The crazy your house guests are, the more enjoyable the game will be.

The advantage of playing games with your house guests is that it forges communication. It allows spontaneous reactions and brings out the inner personality of everyone. You don't have to spend a lot of money in order to entertain your house guest. You only have to be creative and you will have a good time.