Games by Jagex War of Legends Game

When you play War of legends you begin with a town center building. Inside the city walls you'll build structures such as a barrack, homes for your people and use wall defences to protect the city. Outside the city you'll collect resources for the city and help your game economy grow rapidly. Once you have a good economy you'll be set up to use powerful military units against your adversaries.

Building Your Empire Via The Economy

Resources in the game help potential rulers gain a foothold and advance their empires. You have five different resources you'll use in the game including food, wood, stone, copper, and gold. You need a great deal of food for your troops while the other resources help you build structures or build military units. Gold plays the role of helping your technology advance and for the development of your troops. In the War of Legends game by Jagex you'll need a powerful resource base to have any success so work on this first.

Build Your Legendary Heroes

Another part of the game is the use of special hero units which lead the armies. With the legend pavilion and a legend sanctuary you're set up to begin recruiting heroes and placing them into your new armies. All heroes have upgradable statistics that you can raise after your heroes have done some fighting in the game. Raise the statistics of your heroes as much as possible so you always have good heroes for your armies.

Tech Up in War of Legends

With the university building you'll be able to research new technologies which make your economy and your armies perform at a higher level in the game. As you play you'll upgrade various structures that will unlock more technologies and higher tech levels in the city.

Fighting Your Enemies

With a barracks and a parade ground you'll be set for warfare with other game players. Build units such as swordsmen and archers as well as many other units. The game features a nice graphic representation of the war. Use technology to unlock more units for your army. Keep your resource levels high so you'll always have enough to fuel the needs of your army.

Playing Through Quests

Many war browser games feature quests and you'll find these in War of legends too. Quests are basic and get you to build some structure of complete a simple task but they do give you resource which you can use especially in the early game.

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Overall Impressions

Jagex makes some great games besides Runescape and War of Legends is worth playing if you like browser style war games. The graphics are good for a browser game and there's a nice map feature you'll use to find other player cities. It's a good MMO but you'll need to join an alliance to get the most out of the game. Enjoy the War of Legends game by Jagex. This is a game on par with the popular Evony browser game which has many of the same features and it's a pretty standard style of game play for browser empire building games.