Flash Games

Looking for games for boys? There are many free online sites that offer free games that are simple, easy to figure out and fun to play. Weather you want to race the desert plains on a motor bike, or play as a popular video game character like Sonic or Mario, you'll be sure to find a flash based game that'll suit whatever tastes you have. Let's face it, boys will enjoy a good video game whether it's on a next gen gaming console, or something that can be played in the school library. In between doing your homework or studying for that exam, it's always a nice refresher to take a break from the mountain of work you consistently do, and escape to the land of free flash based video games. So if you're searching for a decent site, here are a few you can choose from.

Free Online Games to Play.net

This site has tons of free online games for boys with a five star rating system allowing you to know which ones are the best and which ones you need to stay away from. A few popular games include Choose your Weapon where you play as a suit wearing monkey who travels across the net defeating various online viruses. And as the title suggests, you get to choose which weapon will best defeat the different viruses. If you enjoy watching glowing monkeys with Men In Black style apparel traveling to popular sites and blasting away viruses with bazookas or machine guns, this game is for you. Another cool game is Who Bob What Pants. You play as the ever lovable SpongeBob SquarePants and blow bubbles to defeat the bubble popping gang. Each level presents a bit more adversaries that you blow bubbles hoping to entrap the individual gang members. You then pop the bubbles before they escape and receive a little token for your achievement. They have tons of other games to satisfy a variety of tastes - logic games, card games, games that test dexterity, racing games, and fighting games.


Another site is Mini001.com. This site has games for girls and boys. Football games, Barbie themed games, puzzle games and action games. You can play fun makeover games, decorate kitchen or manage an antique shop. But for the guys, you can play basketball, racing cars, enjoy a game of cards and have fun with Mario games. The site caters to multi-lingual gamers as well as it has a section with which you can choose whichever language you prefer.

Games for Boys.net

This is a site strictly for boys. You'll have your various categories like action shooting and sports, but this site also has a top ten list of the most active gamers. As a guest you can play 9,999 games, to play more you'll need to register. Be able to post comments as well as read comments from other players to get a heads up on whether a game is worthwhile or not.

Free Wii Games

wii bundleCredit: amazon

Playing free games on your laptop is a great way to pass the time if sitting in a long boring lecture, or if at the office and you have a bit of downtime. Of course, they won't be able to compare to the higher quality paid video games that you play with a game console. One of the big three, the Wii console, is your least expensive console which is probably why it was so popular when it launched. It was the highest selling console of the three. And although you have to pay for each individual online game, there's a way you can play free Wii games via an internet connection with your console. Also, the Wii console has various Wii Party games that can give you ideas on how to throw a birthday party for a child.