Introducing the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a US sitcom that follows the lives of four scientist nerds. The four geeky guys are Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard.  The theme tune is catchy and the relationships between the guys and their girlfriends (if they can get one) are hilarious. I am particularly amused by Howard's dress sense and Sheldon idiosyncracses. 

The characters mention and play several nerdy games in the series, including Klingon Monopoly and Jenga. The nerdy games played in the Big Bang are the basis of my article.  'Geek' is in, so play them if you desire 'geek chic'!

Monopoly - The Classics

Monopoly is the classic game of wheeling and dealing in the property market. When it comes to Monopoly, Sheldon says he prefers the classics - the Original and Klingon!

MONOPOLY: Star Trek Klingon Collector's Edition
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If you are a Star Trek fan, this bi-lingual edition in English and Klingon is the one for you. Sheldon is much fluent in both!


Jenga - 2006 Edition
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Jenga is played by Sheldon, Howard and Raj, whilst they discuss whether Sheldon is a robot. They had to find something to do as the internet had been down for half an hour!

Sheldon and Leonard also play giant Jenga in another episode of the Big Bang Theory.

Jenga is a fun game for all the family. Pull out the wooden blocks one by one, but don't let the tower fall on your go, or you will lose!

Sheldon, Howard and Raj Play Jenga

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game (2006) (Dungeons & Dragons Game)
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Dungeons and Dragons is the Role Playing Game that they play on the Big Bang. You will choose a character and say your lines according to the character and their personality, defeating dragons along the way. The game includes a set on dice and maps for your adventure.

This game needs a dungeon master who has a separate rule book to guide the players and tell the story. Sheldon makes a great Dungeon Master. Howard's sarcasm comes through when he says "Really? We are playing Dungeons and Dragons and walk into a Dungeon and see a Dragon?!"

I love the episode where Sheldon decides to make all of his decisions using the dungeons and dragons dice, including what he eats! In my opinion, Dungeons and Dragons is one of the best games in the Big Bang Theory - must be the role play!

They also seem to be playing a 'Christmas' version of Dungeons and Dragons at one point that includes Santa!

3D Chess

Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set by the Franklin Mint
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3D chess is played by Leonard and Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. This version has the rules of original chess but with a few variations. It is also (you guessed it...) Star Trek inspired.

The Mystic Warlords of Ka'a

The Mystic Warlords of Ka'a is a fantasy card game in which Sheldon excels. One of my favourite episodes is when Raj and Sheldon play Stuart and Wil Wheaton (Sheldon's Arch Nemesis) at the comic book store.

Sheldon holds a grudge against Wil Wheaton from his younger years, when he travelled all the way to meet Wil Wheaton at a convention that he didn't show up to. During their game of Mystical Warlords of Ka'a, Wil Wheaton plays 'the dead meemar card' and tells Sheldon that he couldn't attend because that was the weekend that his grandma died.  Sheldon feels sorry for Wil Wheaton, and let's him win the game. But only after playing the 'enchanted bunny card (everything beats enchanted bunny!) does Wil reveal that his 'meemar' is still alive!

To quote Sheldon, "Die, Wheaton, Die!"

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Mystical Warlords of Ka'a on Amazon. Oh, hang on a minute, that could be because the game doesn't actually exist in real life!

I would imagine that similar card games that the boys would frequent may include Fluxx and Elder Sign, although I haven't seen those feature in the series (yet!).


Talisman: The Magical Quest Game, 4th edition
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(price as of Oct 13, 2013)
During one of the Big Bang Episode, the board that is set up appears to be Talisman. I'm not sure which one exactly, as there are many different versions of it available, but it looks like Talisman 4. This appears in the episode where Howard has his peanut allergy and has a swollen face!

The game Talisman is another fantasy game where your hero will advance, battling and defeating dragons and gaining knowledge to defeat the guardians. You will get a character card and matching plastic figure. Game play is 1-2 hours and it is for 2-6 players.

What other Games do Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard Play?

Klingon Boggle is another classic for Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard. I love the way that Leonard gets embarrassed when caught playing such things by Penny.

Then, there is, of course, the endless amount of computer games that they play on numerous consoles. Sheldon reveals the amount of game consoles that are lost when their flat gets burgled:  Wii, an Xbox, an Xbox 360, a Playstation 2 and 3, classic Nintendo, Super-Nintendo and the retro Nintendo 64.

There is then the extensive list of games including Halo (1-3) Call of Duty (1-3), Rock Band 1 and 2, Final Fantasy 1-9, The Legend of Zelda (three versions), Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics and Pacman! Halo is, of course, always played on 'Halo night'! I am hoping to do another article on computer games of the Big Bang, so watch this space!

Oh, and there is also a mention of Tiny Twister!

If you can think of any more BBT games that I  have missed out, please leave comments on my article, and I will look to add them!