This is a small collection of fun games to play when you go out to the bar (or to a friends house). None of these are drinking games and they are all small enough to fit in your pocket.

LCR or Left-Right-Center

The game comes with 3 dice and 24 small plastic chips. Each player begins the game with chips (the number depends on how many are playing). Players roll all three dice and will be directed to: hold their chips, pass one to the left, pass one to the right or pass one to the center. Play is very simple and continues until only one player is left with dice.  It is a game of chance so it requires no strategy. Many people choose to play with quarters instead of the chips to make it a small wager game. If you plan on playing for money make sure to take a few rolls of change out with you.

Pass the Pigs

This is a very silly game where players toss two small rubber pigs like dice and the way they land determines how many points you get. Pencil and paper will be needed to play the game and many versions of the game come with a small carrying case (pocket size) that includes golf pencils and a small pad of paper. Like LCR, this is a game that is completely up to chance and requires no strategy which is what many people prefer in informal social situations.


This is a word making game that can be played many different ways. The best way to play is the basic version. The game is similar to Scrabble in that it requires the use of small letter tiles but there is no board.  The game is purchased in a small cloth pouch. Each player receives letter tiles and uses them to make their own connected collection of words (looking like a crossword puzzle). Players only play on their own set of words. There are more rules of course but the important thing to remember is that this game, while played in short sessions, is a race to the finish and requires the players to focus. Each game will take between 5 and 15 minutes so it's a short investment of time often resulting in pretty funny words and fun moments of tension.

Cards Against Humanity

This game is free! It is played with very small paper cards and follows the same rules as the popular game Apples To Apples. You can print it off you computer at home for free (23 pages of hilarious cards). The most important thing to remember with this game is that the topics on the cards are very inappropriate and offensive. This game is only meant for adults.

Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase is a small electronic device that is played like charades but only with verbal clues. The game uses batteries (AAA) so be sure your game is working before you take it out. The device emits a beeping sound to monitor the 'hot potato' aspect of the game so players know when the time is about to be up. Players often end up yelling out answers so be sure that excessive noise will not be a problem wherever you are going to be playing.

Try out these games next time you head out to a social event and have fun!

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