E3 time, the time where gamers glue themselves to gaming television and live streams, is almost upon us. With the announcements of both the PS4 and Xbox One, this is one of those "big years" where people are extra excited about the event. This year is the time to showcase the upcoming games for the new next-gen consoles. With that, here are some games your should be watching out for this year at E3 2013.

the witcher 3

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

When CD Projekt RED announced Witcher 3, they bragged and bragged and bragged about it. About how the world is "bigger than Skyrim and 30 times bigger than the Witcher 2" or how gameplay can lead to 36 different world states with one of three endings. They also couldn't help but vomit praise for their new REDengine 3 gaming engine on which the game will run. So E3 is their chance to bring fans the details. Since its announcement in the March issue of Game Informer, they have been pretty silent about the game. So with any luck, they will have some game demos to bring to the floor.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is assumed to be the grand finale in the Witcher series of games. It takes up the guise, yet again, of the amnesia monster-slaying badass of Geralt of Rivia on his quest to save his love and recover his memories. Since the mysterious organization known as the Wild Hunt is responsible for his loss of memories, it suggests this final game will encounter them.

the evil within

The Evil Within

The Evil Within marks the return of the legendary Shinji Mikami, the father of the Resident Evil series and a hopeful breath of life into the Survival Horror genre. This game comes to us from developer Tango Gameworks and the publisher Bethesda. It follows the detective Sebastion Castellanos who is sent to investigate a mental institution in which the patients have been murdered and the bodies arranged in a form of macabre artwork. He soon witnesses security camera footage in which police and hospital security are shooting at a ghostly figure, when suddenly the figure appears behind him. Suddenly he finds himself tied upside down in the basement. The hapless detective must now escape the booby trap riddled hospital filled with murderous beings.

This game aims high, as any survival horror game should, to combine the best of supernatural thrills and hardcore video game violence. It is something any particularly brave game should be looking forward to. Developers have already confirmed that a demo will be available at this years' E3.

quantum break

Quantum Break

As one of the few games to be presented at the Xbox One reveal, Quantum Break aims to "blur the lines between television and gameplay." From Remedy Entertainment, the people who brought you the bullet time mechanic with Max Payne and Alan Wake, the game looks to be some kind of sci-fi disaster adventure. It has an interesting concept of combining live action cutscenes with computer generated gameplay, in which based on the decisions you make it effects the cut scenes.

The game looked pretty in the very brief glimpses of gameplay they showed, however fans yearned for just a little bit more. This Xbox One exclusive needs to have a demo present at E3 for use fans to forgive the irritating Xbox One reveal which pretty much lacked gameplay footage of any kind.

destiny bungie


New from the Halo creator Bungie Studios, Destiny fancies itself the next Mass Effect. Of course, Bungie has been rather tight lipped about this game, teasing gamers just a little until they are on the brink of satisfaction, but leaving them wanting more. Few details have been released. For now, all fans know is that it is a planet-hopping first person shooter in which is has some massively multiplayer elements. All of set in a distance, spacey, post-apocalyptic future. To me it sounds a little too much like Halo 2.0, but will E3 2013 rectify that?

Bungie has finally come out and said that E3 will be the stage for their big gameplay reveal for Destiny. So the line for that booth will probably be as long and filled with fanboys as the FIFA 14 line. I sincerely hope that with Destiny, Bungie can unpeg themselves as "the guys that made Halo," instead of just solidifying it.

battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 & Call of Duty: Ghosts

New year, new Call of Duty and Battlefield, right? I'm sure fans of either are in a rage that I combined these two games, but there is no denying that these rivals are—in their purest form— pretty similar. Both EA and Infinity Ward bring new campaign stories to their games.

Battlefield 4 takes place amid a political metldown between Russia and China over a stolen piece of intel. Battlefield 4 boasts that the gameplay will have more focus on vehicles, but that has yet to be seen.

In Call of Duty: Ghosts, after the mass scale destruction at the close of Modern Warfare 3 America is no longer recognized as a global power. Ten years after the devastations elite soldiers called Ghosts are waging stealth warfare against an unknown enemy. Like with the Modern Warfare storyline, consequences, intrigue and betrayal are abound.

The number one thing these two games have in common this year is that they have yet to discuss multiplayer. Sure, their campaigns look and sound pretty fun, but everyone knows there massive fan following only cares about one thing—the multiplayer. It is unknown whether either will have multiplayer footage ready for E3, but you can bet if one does and the other doesn't, they will be named winner.

assassins creed 4

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed developer Ubisoft seems to be kicking this franchise into overdrive with development. They must know a cash cow when they see it. This fourth game in the time-panning series focuses on the 18th century seafaring nature of man, with a heavy emphasis on pirates. This game features the young privateer Edward Kenway as he seeks to make a fortune on the high seas of the Caribbean, all the while battling famous pirate names like Blackbeard.

Considering the mixed reaction to Assassin's Creed III, this game will be a redeemer to the fans they lost or perhaps a total bust. That is how cash cow franchises work, though.