I have recently obtained a Razer Mamba PC Gaming Mouse at a steep bundle, at 10 dollars cheaper than ordering online, I managed to have a RazerGoliathus pc gaming mouse mat thrown in, although it was the smaller size, considering that I was getting the mice mainly for my laptop it is good enough. It also came with a T-Shirt and some minor trinkets which don't really bear a mention. It was a pretty good deal I suppose for a brand new mouse. The mouse pad has ragged surface that is a bit rough to the touch but not uncomfortable, it is slightly different from my previous goliathus which also happened to be free but was smooth to the touch for its surface.

The mouse comes in a sleek see through transparent plastic case, with the mouse suspended within. Trust Razer to spend R&D money on making a fancy packaging, but I guess that gives rise to increased sales. After extricating the paper cover at the bottom, it is actually quite a large box. The paper cover basically says Razer Mamba in fancy letters with a snake replacing the b, and it is a wireless gaming mouse instead of the bluetooth gaming mouse that the cheaper Razer Orochi is. It says it is compatible with the mac but I do have some doubts carried over from the forums. It does give a list of package contents which I will check through later. It claims to have gaming grade wireless technology that can reach polling of 1 ms compared to the 2ms and 8ms of other wireless mouse. Of course if you are playing online games the ping and latency you'll get will really make that a moot difference. After using it for a while, a tad disappointed to find out that there was only one color scheme that was blue, I thought it was interchangeable. The side light indicators does a good job of showing sensitivity however, but binds two keys to hot switch.

It states about half a day of continuous gameplay and 72 hours of normal gaming usage which I presume includes times your computer is switched off. I have to say the case was quite a pain to open and at times I wasn't sure I was doing it the right way instead of tearing off some important component. Well after a while of pulling I finally found the right section in the quick start guide and realized I wasn't supposed to pull it out at all. Feeling rather stoned now as I continue opening up the boxes which are rather well designed and place in appropriate corners. The assembly of the battery takes awhile as you figure out how to click it into the right places. Razer is quite the Apple of PC Gaming Mice. As for the wireless mode, one complain I have is the difficulty in detaching the cable from the mouse, but then again it might be restricted to the mouse I am using only, but even while on wireless setting it still runs like a charm. Well thats that for the box opening, time to take it for a test run!