Gaming cases

Choosing a gaming case can be tough because you want a perfect match of functionality and style. It is important to know what you need. I have come up with several tips to choosing your gaming case.

Know your computer

Before you can choose a gaming case you need to know what type of motherboard you have, how many different hard drives and disc drives you have or are planning to have. The reason to be worried about what type of motherboard you have is because they come in different sizes, ATX and m-ATX are the most common. The ATX is larger which means you will have to consider a larger gaming case to fit it. The m-ATX is a "micro" version of the ATX and is usually used for smaller gaming cases used for lan parties.

Quality is key

If you are going to spend money on a gaming case make sure you don't buy a flimsy $30 case. Many of the new gaming cases feature nicer cable management designs and more space to provide excellent air flow. Companies like Antec and Coolmaster have the latest gaming cases that will fit almost any gamers need - they showcase the hardware with a clear side window, they also have some of the best cable management in the market.


Many of us love to overclock our systems to push it to the limits. Choosing the right gaming case can help aid in the effort to maximize the systems potential. As most overclokers know the cooler the system runs - the more they can push their system. Make sure you have plenty of good air flow and cable management so you can drop those temps to a good number. If you have done everything right you should be able to get decent temps when combining the proper cooling solutions together into one well cooled case!

The reason

For the pc builders out there - you know the reason - its the thrill of the build! Building a custom pc is a very satisfying hobby that isn't too expensive compared to other hobbies. The idea that each piece of hardware was hand selected by you is infectious and makes you proud. The other reason is just plain "wow effect" showcasing your masterpiece to your friends and maybe inspiring them to build their own if they don't already.


Make sure you know what you need to fit in your gaming case and choose accordingly. Understanding that quality is key will make your case last through its paces and keep it future proof. Pc building is a fun hobby and choosing a gaming case is an important part of the process.